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Category: Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor – No Excuses Lyrics

Meghan Trainor – No Excuses Lyrics What you sippin’ on that got you talking crazy? Lookin’ at me sideways, always coming at me Why you, why you acting hard when […]

Meghan Trainor – Ashes Lyrics

Meghan Trainor – Ashes Lyrics Maybe it’s the way your brain works Maybe we don’t use the right words Baby, we’re too stubborn, it hurts, it hurts Hmm I wish […]

Meghan Trainor – Babygirl Lyrics

Meghan Trainor – Babygirl Lyrics Love yourself, oh, love yourself (Ooh) Love yourself, oh, love yours- (Ooh) Love yourself, oh, love yourself (Ooh) Love yourself, oh, love yourself Baby girl, […]

Meghan Trainor - Blink Lyrics

Meghan Trainor – Blink Lyrics

Blink By Meghan Trainor I’m an eclipse, I’m a shootin’ star I’ma you come quick, then I break your heart Watch out, watch out for me I’m smarter than you […]

Meghan Trainor – Evil Twin Lyrics

Evil Twin By Meghan Trainor That’s my evil twin That’s my evil twin It wasn’t me, she started it I said just one, then she got lit She takes control, […]

Meghan Trainor – Workin’ On It Lyrics

Workin’ On It By Meghan Trainor ft. Lennon Stella, Sasha Sloan Never been asked to dance ‘Cause I never been the pretty Never like compliments ‘Cause it’s always been so hard belivin’ […]

Meghan Trainor - Wave Lyrics

Meghan Trainor – Wave Lyrics

Wave by Meghan Trainor Lyrics I want what I can’t have, still holding on to hope Drowning in my tears, this love’s a sinking boat Oh, oh, this love’s a […]

Meghan Trainor – Genetics Lyrics

Genetics by Meghan Trainor G-E-N-E-T-I-C Beauty queen since seventeen, at least to me I was born with it Maybelline is good to me, but I believe I was born with […]

Meghan Trainor – Hurt Me Lyrics

Hurt Me by Meghan Trainor You don’t get to hurt me You don’t get to hurt me We were good ’til it wasn’t ‘Til it all fell apart (Uh huh) […]