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Melanie Martinez – MILK OF THE SIREN Lyrics

MILK OF THE SIREN Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Drink from the leche of sirens Summon the sailors in town Strangle the fear of deciding Which one’s deserving to drown (Drown,

Melanie Martinez – POWDER Lyrics

POWDER Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Powder, pow-pow-powder Powder, pow-pow-powder Don’t wanna know where you’re going when you aren’t alone You’d rather stay the night, too much to believe Blood falling

Melanie Martinez – PLUTO Lyrics

PLUTO Lyrics – Melanie Martinez I’m hauling an outdated show Help me, let go The walls around me are so close, caving in, oh no Some other friends that I

Melanie Martinez – TUNNEL VISION Lyrics

TUNNEL VISION Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Follow the tunnel into the portal Lay all your burdens to rest Drink from the fountain, death’s holy water Watch as you’re put to

Melanie Martinez – FAERIE SOIRÉE Lyrics

FAERIE SOIRÉE Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Pa-pa, yeah, pa, yeah Pa-pa, yeah, yeah Pa-pa, yeah, pa, yeah The blue stars running down my forehead Cold wings flutter when they’re moving

Melanie Martinez – LIGHT SHOWER Lyrics

LIGHT SHOWER Lyrics – Melanie Martinez You are the light, I’ve been searchin’ for forever Feels like, man, I’ve really never felt the rain Buried in the desert, didn’t think

Melanie Martinez – SPIDER WEB Lyrics

SPIDER WEB Lyrics – Melanie Martinez I’m no fly, come out for a butterfly Craving a change in the wind I’ll swirl by all the insects and all the flies

Melanie Martinez – LEECHES Lyrics

LEECHES Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Leeches surrounded, conscience is throbbing They can’t sleep at night, hold their pillows tight Caught in the rivers of the tears that I cried Bountiful

Melanie Martinez – BATTLE OF THE LARYNX Lyrics

BATTLE OF THE LARYNX Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Falling asleep at the arcade Liquory chumps of your tongue You used all your words for a quick game Blew it all

Melanie Martinez – THE CONTORTIONIST Lyrics

THE CONTORTIONIST Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Twisted all my limbs for you Two of them in knots and two of them in loops Ribbons tied around like a noose Wonder

Melanie Martinez – MOON CYCLE Lyrics

MOON CYCLE Lyrics – Melanie Martinez “Why you always act so serious?” I said, “Baby boy, you know I’m on my period,” yeah He bit the cherry down, he’s delirious

Melanie Martinez – NYMPHOLOGY Lyrics

NYMPHOLOGY Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Call me your nymph Praise me for murder, praise me for sin Call me your muse Astray for an elf you cried to the news

Melanie Martinez – EVIL Lyrics

EVIL Lyrics – Melanie Martinez Diamonds and rubies, the star in all the movies Wears me out, big pockets I am her favorite locket, keeps them drooling Their semi-precious stones

Melanie Martinez – WOMB Lyrics

WOMB Lyrics – Melanie Martinez I see the mother in the chosen space for me Little does she know it’s free, oh yeah I’m undercover, as they wait for joy,

Melanie Martinez – VOID Lyrics

VOID Lyrics – Melanie Martinez In the void, in the void In the void, in the void In the void, in the void In the void, in the void In

Melanie Martinez – DEATH Lyrics

Lyrics to DEATH by Melanie Martinez Death is life is death is life is death is life is They’re carving my name in the grave, again The flowers are fresh

Melanie Martinez – Sirens Lyrics

Melanie Martinez, Sirens Drink from the leche of sirens Summon the sailors in town Strangle the fear of deciding Which ones deserving to drown (Drown, drown) (Drown, drown) Engraved in

Melanie Martinez – Bones are Blue Lyrics

Bones are Blue Lyrics By Melanie Martinez The air I breathe is the same as you And I like to know, if that’s true Your heart and mind controlling you

Melanie Martinez – Bombs on Monday Morning Lyrics

Bombs on Monday Morning Lyrics By Melanie Martinez Pinky promise I’ll still love your garden Even with no flowers Even with no flowers Doctor’s orders Don’t be brokenhearted Time will

Melanie Martinez – Where Do Babies Come From? Lyrics

Where Do Babies Come From? Lyrics By Melanie Martinez What the hell have I just done? Eighteen and pregnant, and my man’s all gone I’m buying bottles and he’s on