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Category: Melii

Melii - Way Too Soft Lyrics

Melii – Way Too Soft Lyrics

Way Too Soft Lyrics – Melii Yeah, woo Melii Uh, ah, I been goin’ way, way, way too soft on these niggas like Uh, I been makin’, three, four, five, […]

Melii - BDE Lyrics

Melii – BDE Lyrics

BDE By Melii Ayy, ayy Ayy, suck my dick, all of my drip Nigga in spite, he fuck wit’ a bitch from the city who pretty and litty He suck […]

Melii – LA Lyrics

LA By Melii Lyrics Te estoy amando I be out in L.A. En Los Ángeles (OG Parker) In L.A., in L.A. En la noche Melii ¿A dónde está? (Menoh) I’ve […]

Melii – Paris Lyrics

Paris By Melii Lyrics Lo conocí yo en París And he was in it for the money and the bitches and the fashion Heart colder than a motherfucker, never had […]

Melii – Here We Go Again Lyrics

Here We Go Again By Melii Lyrics Here we go again You been sneaking, I was scoopin’ bitches in the Benz You been fuckin’, I’ve been acting like you’re innocent […]

Melii – High For U Lyrics

High For U By Melii Lyrics Too many bitches wan’ fuck with my nigga But I’m just too lazy to fuck I get so bored of these niggas I count […]