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Category: Melii

Melii – Paris Lyrics

Paris By Melii Lyrics Lo conocí yo en París And he was in it for the money and the b------ and the fashion Heart colder than a m-----------, never had […]

Melii – Here We Go Again Lyrics

Here We Go Again By Melii Lyrics Here we go again You been sneaking, I was scoopin’ b------ in the Benz You been f-----’, I’ve been acting like you’re innocent […]

Melii – High For U Lyrics

High For U By Melii Lyrics Too many b------ wan’ f--- with my n---- But I’m just too lazy to f--- I get so bored of these n----- I count […]

Melii – Nena Lyrics

Nena by Melii LYRICS You wanted me to be your lady and call you baby Thought I’d be impressed by that new Mercedes Now you dressin’ up your ego with […]

Melii – TM Interlude Lyrics

TM Interlude by Melii: They be doing too much Just to get your attention They be doing too much Just to get a mention Got me fighting for your love […]

Melii – No Hard Feelings Lyrics

No Hard Feelings by Melii Say you doing better, I heard you Now you run your mouth and say I ain’t deserve it Pretty b----, yeah, as usual Say, “No […]

Melii – False Signal Lyrics

False Signal Lyrics by Melii Please don’t hit my line, busy gettin’ mine I swear n----- do it all the time, tryna get one up Runnin’ back and now they […]

Melii – Fresh Air Lyrics

Lyrics Fresh Air Melii, yeah Lo esperaba en la noche y lloraba en la mañana Del dolor de mi alma Luna ven, luna va, yeah, yeah, yeah Lo esperaba en […]

Melii – HML Lyrics

HML Lyrics (Feat. A Boogie wit da Hoodie) [Melii] Tell me what it’s like in the night when I ain’t by your side You could catch a vibe for some […]

Melii – Como Si Na Lyrics

Como Si Na by Melii Released : 2018 Cοmο Si Νa   (Miles William) Halο(οοο) Melii – Cοmο si Νa (Νa, na) Εh que el me pοne lοca Cuandο me […]