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Category: Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins – I’m Convinced Lyrics

I’m Convinced By Mick Jenkins Need no convincing, niggas know the feelings Stand on my own ten, need no co-defendants Don’t need no inconsistencies if we gon’ roll together Need […]

Mick Jenkins – The Fit Lyrics

The Fit By Mick Jenkins Sometimes it’s just ’bout the fit I need my shit with a taper, huh I can’t quit, I’m too legit Dropping jewels, niggas dyin’ off […]

Mick Jenkins – Flaunt Lyrics

Flaunt By Mick Jenkins Niggas wanna see me stunt, uh Niggas wanna see me talk my shit Niggas wanna see me front, uh Niggas wanna see me flaunt my bitch […]

Mick Jenkins – The Light Lyrics

The Light By Mick Jenkins Oh, it’s a gnat in here Get out of here, gnat You got something to tell me, gnat? You got something you want to tell […]

Mick Jenkins – Same Ol’ Lyrics

Same Ol’ By Mick Jenkins I got bitches, I got money, I got drugs, I got bitches I got bitches, I got money, I got drugs-yeah, that’s all I hear […]