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Category: MIKA

MIKA – Tiny Love Reprise Lyrics

Tiny Love Reprise by MIKA Lyrics: My name is Michael Holbrook I was born in 1983 No, I’m not losing my mind It’s just this thing that you do to me You get […]

MIKA – Stay High Lyrics

Stay High by MIKA Lyrics: What comes up must come down I learn it in my science class No, I’m not that dumb Your fingertips upon my skin (Your fingertips, upon my skin) […]

MIKA – Blue Lyrics

Blue by MIKA Lyrics: Blue is a feminine color (Ooh) Blue is deep and bold (Ooh) Blue is like no other (Ooh) A secret as it’s sold (Ooh) Blue like the ocean’s water (Ooh) […]

MIKA – I Went To Hell Last Night Lyrics

I Went To Hell Last Night by MIKA Lyrics: I went to hell last night Followed you there, I was standing by your side The saddest thing I’ve ever seen Made me angrier […]

MIKA – Platform Ballerinas Lyrics

Platform Ballerinas by MIKA Lyrics: Dancing in a platform ballerinas That’s the baddest girl here [yet she?] it gets Should I lie to her the señorita? Should I ever let you forget? She […]

MIKA – Ready To Call This Love Lyrics

Ready To Call This Love by MIKA Lyrics: I’m afraid of the world Losing love in the dark Every time that I move too fast, I fall apart But I think you’re the […]

MIKA – Sanremo Lyrics

Sanremo by MIKA Lyrics: Light brown skin Lips like Campari And words like soda Can I come over? Just let me in I wanna go where The nights are blinding The sun keeps […]

MIKA – Paloma Lyrics

Paloma by MIKA Lyrics: Oh Paloma, the skies have not been kind to you Oh Paloma, to weather the storm you paint it blue Silence in your struggle, living life like there’s nothing wrong […]

MIKA – Tomorrow Lyrics

Tomorrow by MIKA: You and I, we’re really Really not so innocent Consequences won’t be easy From here, every road leads to regret But if this ain’t what you wanted […]

MIKA – Dear Jealousy Lyrics

Dear Jealousy by MIKA: Jealousy, bring the music back to me Dear jealousy You know every part of me Hiding where no one can see I want you to leave Dear jealousy Why […]

MIKA – Tiny Love Lyrics

Tiny Love by MIKA It’s not a sunrise over canyons shaped like hearts It isn’t bursting into song in Central Park It’s not the outline of your face drawn in the stars It’s a […]

MIKA – Ice Cream Lyrics

Ice Cream by MIKA When I hear that sound, I know what’s coming ’round Thirty-nine degrees, too hot for the bees The grass is turning yellow Streets are slow and […]

MIKA – Sound Of An Orchestra

MIKA – Sound Of An Orchestra Lyrics

Sound Of An Orchestra Lyrics by MIKA [MIKA] You lower your hand, clarinet will play Raise it back up and it flies away When you smile violins will soar When […]