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Category: Misery Index

Misery Index – I Disavow Lyrics

I Disavow Lyrics By Misery Index Sycophants storm the gate In vermin hordes they swarm Contorted faces gripping torches in the afterglow First they castigate, then they obfuscate Truth is […]

Misery Index – Rituals of Power Lyrics

Rituals of Power Lyrics By Misery Index Smell the fear, the coming decay of all, rites of spring gone rotten High priests, lords of artifice, lead their flocks into harm’s […]

Misery Index – New Salem Lyrics

New Salem Lyrics By Misery Index Sharpen up the guillotine as fashionistas clean the scene You’re socially bewitched with narrative affixed Tried and executed with no due process Do you […]

Misery Index – The Choir Invisible Lyrics

The Choir Invisible Lyrics By Misery Index We are the ones you fear, breakers of your grand illusion Exiled, dispossessed, your sown-seeds reaped and left abandoned God-forsaken, left adrift, detritus […]

Misery Index – Decline and Fall Lyrics

Decline and Fall Lyrics By Misery Index Captivate, prevaricate, the worst is the yet to come Just zero-sum directives, from silver forked tongues A monumental fall, I stop, stare and […]