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Category: Mokita

Mokita – Take It Back Lyrics

Take It Back By Mokita I always thought that a promise Meant not letting go Then you let go Now I don’t know I always thought that you needed Me […]

Mokita – colorblind Lyrics

colorblind By Mokita Lyrics Slow down I know you wanna understand So I’ll explain the best I can What this pain feels like It’s hard ‘Cause even though as I’m sitting here I […]

Mokita – Inside Out Lyrics

Inside Out Lyrics by Mokita There’s a hole in my heart And I’ve tried oh I’ve tried to fill it Torn the world apart Looking for some new vice that […]

Mokita – Goodbye Lyrics

Goodbye by Mokita Feat. Maty Noyes Released : 2017 I need something else to get me through this Semi-chum kinda life Maybe, yeah, I need someone else I’m not listening […]