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Category: Money Man

Money Man – Area 51 Lyrics

Area 51 by Money Man: They tryna find out my species I’m burning pound cake with E.T 3 packs landing , 3 Peat [?] Dej Loaf wish a n---- try […]

Money Man – Queens Lyrics

Queens by Money Man: All my b------ get treated like Queens Keep a ice pick when i’m walking through Queens N---- imma G [?] These n----- money be lil no […]

Money Man – Dying Lyrics

Dying by Money Man: I’m tried of dealing with this s--- i wanna end it I’m tired of falsifying my image i’m tired of pretending But if i never go […]

Money Man – Out Of Orbit Lyrics

Out Of Orbit by Money Man: I’m out of orbit i feel like a alien She at the crib she give me cranium I’m serving my country boy, he down […]

Money Man – So Cold Lyrics

So Cold by Money Man: How you’d be so cold I got them packs on the road I wanna travel the globe I’ma go in beast mode I wanna put […]

Money Man – Same Way Lyrics

Same Way by Money Man I been trappin’ out and sliding, yeah, the same day Me and Shooter, we don’t wanna finesse the same play Oh, you feelin’ me? Well, […]

Money Man – 1 of 1 Lyrics

1 of 1 Lyrics Money Man (Feat. DaBaby) DiCaprio productions (DiCaprio productions, DiCaprio productions) Pour that s--- up, Trippy One of one drip, this not in the stores Had it […]

Money Man – December 4th Lyrics

December 4th Lyrics Money Man Bad b---- from the east side got face tats Caught a flight to the West and a n---- drove weight back Pop a seal on […]

Money Man – Winter Lyrics

Winter Lyrics Money Man Lyrics will be available soon. Read More Money Man Lyrics Money Man – Unknown Lyrics Money Man Heard them lil threats you sent They don’t mean s--- […]

Money Man – Unknown Lyrics

Unknown Lyrics by Money Man Money Man [Chorus] Heard them lil threats you sent They don’t mean s--- I’m in the trap on some green s--- Got my Unc on […]