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Moneybagg Yo – 1 2 3 Lyrics

1 2 3 By Moneybagg Yo (X.O. think he all that) It’s 2020 And I ain’t got time for no fake-a-- s---, n---- I’m straight thuggin’, p---- I’m back to […]

Moneybagg Yo – Match My Fly Lyrics

Match My Fly By Moneybagg Yo That D.T.B., shout You inspired this And I got you, pinky promise (So, yeah) If I say you look fuckable, how would you react? […]

Moneybagg Yo – Thug Cry Lyrics

Thug Cry By Moneybagg Yo How they gon’ judge me? (How you do that?) They don’t even know me (They don’t even know me) They say money changed me (Tell […]

Moneybagg Yo – Real Luv Lyrics

Real Luv By Moneybagg Yo 808 Mafia Oh, oh, oh, baby Oh, oh, oh, baby Real good, real crime, real time (Yeah) But it’s real love, real fun, real love […]

Moneybagg Yo – Spin On Em Lyrics

Spin On Em By Moneybagg Yo They know my name, on gang, born sinner Door to door, if it’s war, jump out the rental Shot caller, frontline go-getter Call me […]

Moneybagg Yo – U Played Lyrics

U Played By Moneybagg Yo [Drake] Tay Keith, this too hard (Tay Keith, this too hard) Tay Keith f--- these n----- up! [Moneybagg Yo] I don’t got a heart, but f--- it I’m […]

Moneybagg Yo – Headstrong Lyrics

Headstrong Lyrics by Moneybagg Yo (feat. Kevin Gates) Money, what’s happenin’? Yung Lan on the track Poured up in this b---- with my brother Bagg, you heard me? Pressure I […]

Moneybagg Yo – No Filter Lyrics

No Filter Lyrics by Moneybagg Yo Tay Keith, this too hard, Tay Keith, this too hard Hey We got loads like a Mexican (A1) Good dope, I recommend (Yup) In […]

Moneybagg Yo – On My Soul Lyrics

On My Soul Lyrics by Moneybagg Yo (feat. Lil Durk) This s--- here all I know (That’s on my soul, that’s on my soul That’s on my soul, that’s on […]

Moneybagg Yo – Toxic Lyrics

Toxic Lyrics by Moneybagg Yo I ain’t even gon’ lie, like This s--- hard tryna repair the trust and s--- When I was all in your face, why you ain’t […]