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Category: Monica

Monica – Me + You Lyrics

Me + You Lyrics by Monica [Monica] Take a dollar, leave the change I can hustle anything, call me Superman Never lost anything that means anything that I can’t get […]

Monica – So Gone Lyrics

So Gone Lyrics Oh, baby [Monica] So gone over you, you, you, you Yeah, lil Monica [Monica] Silly of me, devoted so much time To find you unfaithful boy I […]

Monica – All Eyez On Me Lyrics

All Eyez On Me Lyrics [Monica:] I see you, girl Darkchild I got my eyez on you Let me see what you working with Let’s dance, yeah Come on, come […]

Monica – Knock Knock Lyrics

Knock Knock Lyrics [Monica] It’s funny how the tables turn, turn, turn, turn [Missy] (Monica) Uhhh uhhh (ohhhh-ooohh) and it’s sooo, woo (Wooooo-oooo, yeah) This that hot (Wooooo-ooooo, yeahhhh) Uh […]

Monica – Commitment Lyrics

Commitment Lyrics by Monica [Monica] It don’t take much a little affection ‘Cause some of your time, that’s all that I’m asking for Feels like this dream will ever come […]