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Category: Morgxn

morgxn – A New Way Lyrics

A New Way by morgxn I remember when we were 14 Two kids lost in the new dreams I remember how we felt to feel this way Yeah we fell […]

morgxn – Holy Water Lyrics

i crave marble arches i fall honestly  i crave constant motion  black rock tourmaline i feel so discouraged  laced in broken dreams  i paid up balance  when will i find […]

Morgxn – me without you Lyrics

me without you Lyrics by morgxn [morgxn] Every heart needs a failure Someone to let him know Every scar needs a maker No other way to go [morgxn] I’ve been […]

Morgxn – carry the weight Lyrics

carry the weight Lyrics by morgxn [morgxn] Heaven help me, keep falling Let nobody stand in my way Let me make mistakes, If I want to It’s not easy finding […]

Morgxn – ​home Lyrics

home Lyrics by morgxn [morgxn] You had your bed made Had all these precious memories You had to run away You’re looking for that bigger stage [morgxn] But for all […]