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Category: Morray

Morray - Mistakes Lyrics

Morray – Mistakes Lyrics

Mistakes Lyrics – Morray In the end, oh In the end, show me your colors In the end, oh Whatever happens Show me your colors Money will never change me […]

Morray - That’s On God Lyrics

Morray – That’s On God Lyrics

That’s On God Lyrics – Morray One day I’ma get it right, that’s on god I’ma be the best alive, that’s on god I’ma make it out the mud I’ma […]

Morray - Nothing Now Lyrics

Morray – Nothing Now Lyrics

Nothing Now Lyrics – Morray Tell me I’m wrong if I pack my shit and leave So tired hearing all the things that you don’t need When I know the […]

Morray - Reflections Lyrics

Morray – Reflections Lyrics

Reflections Lyrics – Morray Fucked up, learned some lessons Had my momma stressing Stuck behind a wall Was a troubled adolescent Couldn’t make the right decision Using everybody’s method If […]

Morray - Can’t Use Me Lyrics

Morray – Can’t Use Me Lyrics

Can’t Use Me Lyrics – Morray It’s crazy how the money makes the lies feel like the truth And everybody phony you just do not have the proof I jot […]

Morray - Facade Lyrics

Morray – Facade Lyrics

Facade Lyrics – Morray Gave it to god but I ride with a rod I can tell he wanna be me but he trying too hard Speaking on my name, […]