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Category: Mothica

Mothica - funhouse Lyrics

Mothica – funhouse Lyrics

funhouse Lyrics – Mothica Dressin’ up like an optimist Showin’ my skin, it’s obvious If I was smaller, it wouldn’t bother them Countin’ my flaws like calories I know it […]

Mothica - motions Lyrics

Mothica – motions Lyrics

motions Lyrics – Mothica I set the bar too high, watch them fall, and wonder why People think I’m hard to reach, I only show a part of me I […]

Mothica - intuition Lyrics

Mothica – intuition Lyrics

intuition Lyrics – Mothica Know you think you’re above me, it’s kinda funny Oh, oh, but I’m not laughing at your jokes You always patronize me, so I’ll politely Oh, […]

Mothica - upside Lyrics

Mothica – upside Lyrics

upside Lyrics – Mothica I come home to lights off, missed calls, don’t even bother Can’t sleep, can’t eat, I’m underwater There’s nothing that you can say, I’ve always felt […]

Mothica - buzzkill Lyrics

Mothica – buzzkill Lyrics

buzzkill Lyrics – Mothica I’m a buzzkill, I’m a broken one I’m a victim of the things you’ve done I’m a phantom of who I thought I was Ever since […]

Mothica - NOW Lyrics

Mothica – NOW Lyrics

NOW By Mothica You said I get you higher than the ceiling I said I’ll believe it when I see it, oh Up and down, you’re messing with my feelings […]