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Category: Mozzy

Mozzy – Cut Ties Lyrics

Cut Ties by Mozzy (Feat. Marc E. Bassy, Sage the Gemini) Yeah, yeah, yeah Cut ties with me, yeah, yeah, yeah You left behind for me, yeah, yeah, yeah Cut […]

Mozzy - Internal Affairs

Mozzy – Internal Affairs (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Mozzy Release Date: May 28, 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Tracklist: 01. Smoke Session 02. Winning 03. Slide 04. Chill Phillipe 05. Just My Luck 06. Die For It 07. Shine’n […]

Mozzy – Free Yatta, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Free Yatta, Pt. 2 by Mozzy Yeah, man Don dada, you heard, man? N----- know how I’m rockin’, n---- N----- know how I’m comin’, n---- You heard me? Apply pressure […]

Mozzy – Ain’t No Tellin’ Lyrics

Ain’t No Tellin’ by Mozzy Fonzie go brazy Insane 808 Mafia Yeah Goon body, who you dudes body that was relevant? (Nobody, n----) Hit his intelligence, get you knocked off […]

Mozzy – Firearm On Me Lyrics

Firearm On Me by Mozzy HellGang Mozzy, n----- know what’s happenin’ I’m so idiotically spazz-matic, huh? Pledge allegiance to this gangster s---, n---- I’m really in the streets with it […]

Mozzy – More Than Rappin Lyrics

More Than Rappin by Mozzy Yeah Talk ’bout it I go by the name of HellGang Mozzy, one up top ahki, somethin’ stocky in the choppy, n---- June on the […]

Mozzy – Shine’n For Diamond Lyrics

Shine’n For Diamond by Mozzy Still shining for Diamond, put a blunt in the air Death from probable causes, we don’t f--- with you squares, n---- Four block bangin’, dope […]

Mozzy – Die For It Lyrics

Die For It by Mozzy I’m so loyal to this Rollie, I’ll die for it But you gon’ die for this m----------- first It’s gon’ be hell ‘fore a n---- […]

Mozzy – Just My Luck Lyrics

Just My Luck by Mozzy Helluva made this beat, baby Yeah, yeah, ayy Hmm, on gang, n----, hmm Just my luck you wasn’t ridin’ with your strap Hit my window, […]

Mozzy – Slide Lyrics

Slide by Mozzy When s--- kick, we know who gon’ slide for this s--- Homicide for this s--- This is Jay P Bangz music When s--- kick, we know who […]

Mozzy – Smoke Session Lyrics

Smoke Session by Mozzy We into giving n----- what they want Like here go a whole shitload of smoke, yeah We into giving n----- what they want Fonzie in this […]

Mozzy – Pot To Piss Lyrics

Pot To Piss by Mozzy This is Jay P Bangz Remember I ain’t have a pot to piss Scrambled eggs with a pot of grits I done seen the worst, […]

Mozzy, Sjava and Reason – Seasons Lyrics

Seasons by Mozzy, Sjava and Reason Seasons change There’s still time for us to run away Seasons change There’s still time for us to run away Seaso— [Sjava] San’bonan endlini […]

Mozzy – Winning Lyrics

Winning (feat. Lil Poppa) by Mozzy Mommy, India got the beats [Lil Poppa] I just hit some paper to my n----, he did a favor for me I just made […]

Mozzy – Chill Phillipe Lyrics

Chill Phillipe Lyrics by Mozzy [Mozzy] June onna beat June onna beat [Mozzy] Ayy, y’all better tell blood be bool, we know he ain’t like that Y’all better tell blood […]

Mozzy – Killdrummy Lyrics

Killdrummy Lyrics from album “Internal Affairs” (2019) [Mozzy] Ayy, Phillipe N----, they told me you ran and hit the gate, n----, when they hit Dre, n---- Blood, they told me […]