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Category: Mozzy

Mozzy - Internal Affairs

Mozzy – Internal Affairs (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Mozzy Release Date: May 28, 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Tracklist: 01. Smoke Session 02. Winning 03. Slide 04. Chill Phillipe 05. Just My Luck 06. Die For It 07. Shine’n […]

Mozzy – Free Yatta, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Free Yatta, Pt. 2 by Mozzy Yeah, man Don dada, you heard, man? N----- know how I’m rockin’, n---- N----- know how I’m comin’, n---- You heard me? Apply pressure […]

Mozzy – Ain’t No Tellin’ Lyrics

Ain’t No Tellin’ by Mozzy Fonzie go brazy Insane 808 Mafia Yeah Goon body, who you dudes body that was relevant? (Nobody, n----) Hit his intelligence, get you knocked off […]

Mozzy – Firearm On Me Lyrics

Firearm On Me by Mozzy HellGang Mozzy, n----- know what’s happenin’ I’m so idiotically spazz-matic, huh? Pledge allegiance to this gangster s---, n---- I’m really in the streets with it […]

Mozzy – More Than Rappin Lyrics

More Than Rappin by Mozzy Yeah Talk ’bout it I go by the name of HellGang Mozzy, one up top ahki, somethin’ stocky in the choppy, n---- June on the […]

Mozzy – Shine’n For Diamond Lyrics

Shine’n For Diamond by Mozzy Still shining for Diamond, put a blunt in the air Death from probable causes, we don’t f--- with you squares, n---- Four block bangin’, dope […]

Mozzy – Die For It Lyrics

Die For It by Mozzy I’m so loyal to this Rollie, I’ll die for it But you gon’ die for this m----------- first It’s gon’ be hell ‘fore a n---- […]

Mozzy – Just My Luck Lyrics

Just My Luck by Mozzy Helluva made this beat, baby Yeah, yeah, ayy Hmm, on gang, n----, hmm Just my luck you wasn’t ridin’ with your strap Hit my window, […]

Mozzy – Slide Lyrics

Slide by Mozzy When s--- kick, we know who gon’ slide for this s--- Homicide for this s--- This is Jay P Bangz music When s--- kick, we know who […]

Mozzy – Smoke Session Lyrics

Smoke Session by Mozzy We into giving n----- what they want Like here go a whole shitload of smoke, yeah We into giving n----- what they want Fonzie in this […]

Mozzy – Pot To Piss Lyrics

Pot To Piss by Mozzy This is Jay P Bangz Remember I ain’t have a pot to piss Scrambled eggs with a pot of grits I done seen the worst, […]

Mozzy, Sjava and Reason – Seasons Lyrics

Seasons by Mozzy, Sjava and Reason Seasons change There’s still time for us to run away Seasons change There’s still time for us to run away Seaso— [Sjava] San’bonan endlini […]

Mozzy – Winning Lyrics

Winning (feat. Lil Poppa) by Mozzy Mommy, India got the beats [Lil Poppa] I just hit some paper to my n----, he did a favor for me I just made […]

Mozzy – Chill Phillipe Lyrics

Chill Phillipe Lyrics by Mozzy [Mozzy] June onna beat June onna beat [Mozzy] Ayy, y’all better tell blood be bool, we know he ain’t like that Y’all better tell blood […]

Mozzy – Killdrummy Lyrics

Killdrummy Lyrics from album “Internal Affairs” (2019) [Mozzy] Ayy, Phillipe N----, they told me you ran and hit the gate, n----, when they hit Dre, n---- Blood, they told me […]

Mozzy – Black Hearted Lyrics

Black Hearted Lyrics by Mozzy [Mozzy] Still feel it I just deal with it Can’t even place a call to Zo He would’ve been on all the tours, that’s my […]