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Category: MUNA

MUNA – Navy Blue Lyrics

Navy Blue by MUNA Drove to mountains in the morning On the way back down, I thought my brakes were broken And the road would end, but I would just […]

MUNA – Never Lyrics

Never by MUNA I don’t know if I like love I think I’ve had enough Seems like it’s alright for some It’s just I’m not one Consider this my resignation […]

MUNA – Pink Light Lyrics

Pink Light by MUNA Are you happy? So I let it happen again I loved someone who’s indifferent That’s why I can’t sleep at night That’s why I keep sleeping […]

MUNA – Hands Off Lyrics

Hands Off by MUNA I see you, I see you And it’s been some time since I’ve seen you last You know the night, I bet you know the night […]

MUNA – Memento Lyrics

Memento by MUNA Got a bee sting on the way back from your house It was crawling up my leg inside my car Something ’bout the way I had to […]

MUNA – Taken Lyrics

Taken by MUNA pulled up, quarter to eleven waited a minute till you went in we talked and then we stopped talking put on a song and we listened i […]

MUNA – Stayaway Lyrics

Stayaway by MUNA If I see my old friends, we’ll go out dancing If we go out dancing, then we’ll go to the bar If we go to the bar, […]

MUNYA – Dove Lyrics

Dove By MUNYA Loin de tes yeux J’ai rêvé d’un mirage Sans toi j’ai nulle part où aller En voyage, quand je vois les oiseaux s’envoler J’ai besoin de toi. […]

MUNA – Number One Fan Lyrics

Number One Fan by MUNA So I heard the bad news Nobody likes me and I’m gonna die alone In my bedroom Looking at strangers on my telephone Well, wouldn’t […]

MUNA – So Special Lyrics

So Special by MUNA There’s a few bad things I’ve done That nobody made me do Most just to get myself off And the rest to get over you Meant […]