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Category: MUNA

MUNA – Navy Blue Lyrics

Navy Blue by MUNA Drove to mountains in the morning On the way back down, I thought my brakes were broken And the road would end, but I would just […]

MUNA – Never Lyrics

Never by MUNA I don’t know if I like love I think I’ve had enough Seems like it’s alright for some It’s just I’m not one Consider this my resignation […]

MUNA – Pink Light Lyrics

Pink Light by MUNA Are you happy? So I let it happen again I loved someone who’s indifferent That’s why I can’t sleep at night That’s why I keep sleeping […]

MUNA – Hands Off Lyrics

Hands Off by MUNA I see you, I see you And it’s been some time since I’ve seen you last You know the night, I bet you know the night […]

MUNA – Memento Lyrics

Memento by MUNA Got a bee sting on the way back from your house It was crawling up my leg inside my car Something ’bout the way I had to […]