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Category: Muse

Muse – The Void Lyrics

The Void Lyrics by Muse They’ll say, no one can see us That we’re estranged and all alone They believe nothing can reach us And pull us out of the […]

Muse – Blockades Lyrics

Blockades Lyrics by Muse The truth is like when I am killing in order to surviveI have never felt so aliveI am always seeking to live and die on the […]

Muse – Get Up and Fight Lyrics

Get Up and Fight Lyrics by Muse What we have’s the only thing worth fighting forAnd I, I won’t let nothing keep us apartThrough these fallouts there isA truth and […]

Muse - Break It to Me Lyrics

Muse – Break It to Me Lyrics

Break It to Me Lyrics by Muse (Break it to me)(Break it to me)(Break it to me) Don’t dress it up but don’t beat around the bushAnd don’t cover it […]

Muse – Propaganda Lyrics

Propaganda Lyrics by Muse PropagandaPropagandaPropagandaPropagandaPropaganda FloozyYou got me trapped in your dark fantasy worldDon’t you know you make me woozyYou have me wrapped around your little fingerBaby, don’t you know […]

Muse – Algorithm Lyrics

Algorithm Lyrics by Muse Burn like a slaveChurn like a cogWe are caged in simulationsAlgorithms evolvePush us aside and render us obsolete This means warWith your creatorThis means warWith your […]