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Category: Mustard

Mustard – Perfect Ten Lyrics

Perfect Ten Lyrics by Mustard [Nipsey Hussle] Yeah You don’t know who swimmin’, n----, ’til the tide come in Mustard on the beat, ho [Nipsey Hussle] F--- where your hoes […]

Mustard – Surface Lyrics

Surface Lyrics by Mustard [Ella Mai] Chances, take them, don’t make me the one that got away Promises, don’t break them, baby two can play that game I need to […]

Mustard – Woah Woah Lyrics

Woah Woah Lyrics by Mustard [Young Thug] Oh, oh Oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh Woah, woah Woah, woah Oh, oh (Yeah) Oh, oh (Yeah, Mustard on the beat) […]

Mustard – Interstate 10 Lyrics

Interstate 10 Lyrics by Mustard (Feat. Future) [Future & YG] Your b----, she breaking a n---- heart (Breaking, yeah) Yeah The person they want a n---- to be (Where does […]

Mustard – Intro (Perfect Ten) Lyrics

Intro (Perfect Ten) Lyrics by Mustard (Feat. 1TakeJay) Wait hold up, I’m finna turn this b---- up (Mustard on the beat hoe) Ridin’ through the city, where it’s litty Countin […]

Mustard – Ballin’ Lyrics

Ballin’ Lyrics by Mustard (feat. Roddy Ricch) I put the new Forgi’s on the G I drop into the, bloody bottoms that’s underneath ‘Cause all my n----- got it out […]

Mustard – On GOD Lyrics

Lyrics: On GOD by Mustard feat. A$AP Ferg, YG, Tyga, A$AP Rocky [A$AP Ferg] On God Your diamonds don’t dance like this You ain’t got no soldiers takin’ no chance […]

Mustard – 100 Bands Lyrics

100 Bands by Mustard [Quavo & YG] Whoop, woo Ya already know who I am right? Mustard on the beat, hoe Let’s go [Quavo] Hunnid bands (Oh, woo), hunnid bands […]

Mustard – Anywhere Lyrics

Anywhere by Mustard Released : 2018 Yeah, yeah What’s better than the time being? Dark skies never scare me Fallin’, I’ll be right behind ya It’s still me, like the […]