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Category: Nao

Nao - Burn Out Lyrics

Nao – Burn Out Lyrics

Burn Out Lyrics Nao I do, I do, I do I dream about you what I lose and how much water flows through me When I give up my energy […]

Nao - Good Luck Lyrics

Nao – Good Luck Lyrics

Good Luck Lyrics Nao (Good luck Good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck Good luck Good luck Good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck) All of a sudden […]

Nao - Nothing's for Sure Lyrics

Nao – Nothing’s for Sure Lyrics

Nothing’s for Sure Lyrics Nao I love the way you live The way that you forgive No reservations You ain’t got no expectations Never depending on us To bring you […]

Nao - Better Friend Lyrics

Nao – Better Friend Lyrics

Better Friend Lyrics Nao I hope you call, I hope we laugh I hope it’s love, and I hope we land I hope you’ve been good I hope you’ve been […]

Nao - Postcards Lyrics

Nao – Postcards Lyrics

Postcards Lyrics Nao I’m not tryna justify, but Kyoto really changed our lives, yeah Do you mind if I write it out And send it in a postcard where you’re […]

Nao - Little Giants Lyrics

Nao – Little Giants Lyrics

Little Giants Lyrics Nao I know that we’ve been here before When I build, you take down my walls till they fall down What it takes to break up the […]