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Nas - Death Row East Lyrics

Nas – Death Row East Lyrics

Death Row East Lyrics – Nas Yeah, yeah, hold up KD2 shit (Hit-Boy) Ayy hold up, come on, whoa Right back at this Right back Right back, hold up, whoa […]

Nas - 40 Side Lyrics

Nas – 40 Side Lyrics

40 Side Lyrics – Nas OG Talk Project halls 40 Side where a nigga seen it all (For real, for real) I can send niggas a slide I’d rather show […]

Nas - EPMD 2 Lyrics

Nas, EPMD & Eminem – EPMD 2 Lyrics

EPMD 2 Lyrics – Nas Respectfully, bucket on low like Erick and Parrish Closed casket flow, all you niggas get deaded They don’t give you one single rose while you […]

Nas - Rare Lyrics

Nas – Rare Lyrics

Rare Lyrics – Nas Yo, I’m in rare form (Rare form) Niggas speak down on my name, like I wasn’t there for ’em (There for ’em) Talk about back in […]

Nas - YKTV Lyrics

Nas – YKTV Lyrics

YKTV Lyrics – Nas Oh, yeah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say all that I should’ve opened with a reading of the scripture from the Book of Popoff Every […]

Nas - Store Run Lyrics

Nas – Store Run Lyrics

Store Run Lyrics – Nas My thumb struck a lot of lighters, pulled a lot of all-nighters Banned from some afterhours spots My crew would choose violence, move in silence […]