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Nas – QueensBridge Politics Lyrics

QueensBridge Politics Lyrics by Nas Talking to this cutie on facetime Trying to figure out if she gon’ give me that face time I don’t wanna tour, I wanna chill […]

Nas – It Never Ends Lyrics

It Never Ends Lyrics by Nas Buckets like Gilligan Still I peep reptilians in the Filligan Blendin’ in, my quintillion ton brain Got me revealing men Quintessential Queensbridge poet back […]

Nas – Queens Wolf Lyrics

Queens Wolf Lyrics by Nas At fourteen tried out for the ball team Junior high, they denied me I shot bricks that made the backboard scream Fightin’ Italian rival gangs, […]

Nas – Highly Favored Lyrics

Highly Favored Lyrics by Nas Patient My fate is highly favored by the father, love to all Rest in peace to Zhanu, the barber brought cases Celebrate and take us […]

Nas – The Art of It Lyrics

The Art of It Lyrics by Nas (Feat. J. Myers) Fire spitter, I ain’t never met a higher n---- Me extinguished is like Queensbridge fiendless Mansion, marble foyer I can […]

Nas – War Against Love Lyrics

War Against Love Lyrics by Nas Wassup, African? Wassup, African? Yo the Haiti, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada The war is against love, we under attack Paris, Pyar, St. Thomas, Dior The […]

Nas – Adult Film Lyrics

Adult Film Lyrics by Nas F--- outta here, second guessin’ our love D--- Tracy, detective, inspectin’ hoes need a hug You need to detect this d---, get your a-- out […]

Nas – Who Are You Lyrics

Who Are You Lyrics by Nas (Feat. David Ranier) Heard you got your master’s, did college up Never looked back, now that’s what’s happening And it’s good to see you […]

Nas – Royalty Lyrics

Royalty Lyrics by Nas (Feat. RaVaughn) Whatever you do, young king, don’t wind up dead (Wind up dead) Young queen, cross your legs (Cross your legs) Put a crown on […]

Nas – Tanasia Lyrics

Tanasia Lyrics by Nas Tanasia, Tanasia If you’re not from Queensbridge, then you must be from Asia Never knew a love like this before, who said you was just a […]

Nas – Lost Freestyle Lyrics

Lost Freestyle Lyrics by Nas [Angela Bofill & Nas] In our younger days we were so in love And the thought of losing you was enough Can’t lose me Who […]

Nas – No Bad Energy Lyrics

No Bad Energy Lyrics by Nas I’m oblivious to you skeptics What you hear you ain’t ever hear ’til I repped it Iridescent heroes essence, please clear the exits I […]

Nas – Vernon Family Lyrics

Vernon Family Lyrics by Nas Literally rich, this Nas, sick Still woulda hit a enemy with a TEC in nine-six Exotic material on the neck and fly whips I was […]

Nas – Jarreau Of Rap (Skatt Attack) Lyrics

Jarreau Of Rap (Skatt Attack) Lyrics by Nas (Feat. Al Jarreau & Keyon Harrold) [Nas & Al Jarreau] Melody, harmony, melody Melody, harmony, melody, steadily Melody, harmony, melody Melody, harmony, […]


Nas – Simple Things Lyrics

Simple Things by Nas And I know where I’m going to… I’m looking in longevity’s eyes I play with infinity’s mind, forever’s my guy My pedigree’s above you a--, you’ll […]