Natalie Jane – I’m Her Lyrics

I’m Her Lyrics – Natalie Jane Did you know I could see forward in time? Where there is no trace of you in my mind Boys are like pennies and

Natalie Jane – AVA Lyrics

AVA Lyrics – Natalie Jane Who the fuck is Ava Is she the other girl I bet she’s dying to date you And be your entire world Thought that I

Natalie Jane – Seven Lyrics

Seven Lyrics – Natalie Jane You and I What a lie Wasted time On a feeling I wish I (I wish i) Saw the signs (Saw the signs) I was

Natalie Jane – Mentally Cheating Lyrics

Mentally Cheating Lyrics – Natalie Jane At a party yesterday Saw the room where you and me Had some fun, you thought it was love Now I’m stuck here reminiscin’

Natalie Jane – Kind of Love Lyrics

Kind of Love Lyrics – Natalie Jane I can’t believe you left me lonely I hope you never feel this pain Is this the ending of our story? I guess