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Category: Nathan Wagner

Nathan Wagner – Keep Breathing Lyrics

Nathan Wagner – Keep Breathing Lyrics Sometimes hearts break And all of our world fades down to lifeless gray I thought I’d never be okay But eventually I’d wake And […]

Nathan Wagner – Hope Lyrics

Nathan Wagner – Hope Lyrics (All I want is to be loved) And the battle’s raging But we’re gaining ground So many years I fought alone I don’t know how […]

Nathan Wagner – Blackout Lyrics

Blackout By Nathan Wagner Goin’ back to the city In the sea of glass Oh, it looks so pretty But it never lasts Sobriety is not a choice When living […]

Nathan Wagner - Victoria Lyrics

Nathan Wagner – Victoria Lyrics

Victoria By Nathan Wagner Well I was sitting in my room She said to me As this cloud of darkness covered Everything And I guess I let it get The […]

Nathan Wagner – Burn Lyrics

Burn By Nathan Wagner If my kingdom burned to dust Would you still love me Would you still hold me Or would you leave me behind Turn and run If […]

Nathan Wagner – I Miss You Lyrics

I Miss You By Nathan Wagner I’m a mess right now Tryna figure out this wreck You’re never around Always choose something instead Say you’re here for me That that […]

Nathan Wagner – Joy Lyrics

Joy By Nathan Wagner I sing a-la-la-lae Sing a-la-lae-luia A-la-la-lae Sing a-la-lae-luia A-la-la-lae Sing a-la-lae-luia A-la-la-lae [X4] Thank you lord Thank you lord na-na [x4] He is good He is […]

Nathan Wagner - Lost Souls Lyrics

Nathan Wagner – Lost Souls Lyrics

Lost Souls By Nathan Wagner Lyrics On the road to nowhere Juat trying to find the place that I could fit in Place that I could finally feel some importance […]

Nathan Wagner – Man of Stone Lyrics

Man of Stone by Nathan Wagner: Man of Stone Lyrics: Always missing you so badly But I never chose to call To afraid of showing weakness Like I’m needing you […]

Nathan Wagner – Innocence Lyrics

Innocence Lyrics by Nathan Wagner Before my garment lost it’s white Before I saw my father cry When fear was never on my mind Take me there When all I […]

Nathan Wagner – Lonely Lyrics

Lonely Lyrics by Nathan Wagner Is everybody lonely Is everybody scared Is everybody worried That no one really cares See I’m afraid to love but afraid to be alone Still […]