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Album: “Bad Habits” (2019)

01. To My Grave
02. I’m Ready
03. Taking Chances
04. Tap f. Meek Mill
05. Tension
06. Price on My Head f. The Weeknd
07. Ralo
08. Tussin f. Young Thug
09. Snap
10. Hold Your Breath f. Gunna
11. Why You Cryin’ Mama
12. Time Piece f. Lil Durk
13. Dior Runners
14. Vicodin
15. Stuck With Me
16. Know Me

Album : Reckless (2018)

01.  Reckless (Intro)
02.  Never Change
03.  Hold Your Hand
04.  Faith
05.  Champion
06.  Glow Up
07.  Just Happened
08.  Wanted You
09.  With Me
10.  Eat
11.  Freshman List
12.  What I Need / Daheala Outro

NAV – Stuck With Me Lyrics

[NAV] She wanna know where I’m at, said she pullin’ up on me And this chain around your neck, ain’t no giving up on me Bought her a bust down […]

NAV – Vicodin Lyrics

[NAV] Let her see 100 cash, she said she gotta pee F--- her ’til she fall asleep Wake up, she don’t wanna leave Bustdown cost a whole bird Gucci boots, […]

NAV – Dior Runners Lyrics

Dior Runners Lyrics By NAV Dior runners Got a bag that says sums in two summers Your watch is stupid but my diamonds look dumber Every time they book me, […]

NAV – Snap Lyrics

[NAV] You found out your girlfriend is a thot-ho (Thot, thot) I found out my penthouse on the top floor (On the top) Still the same person, I just shop […]

NAV - Ralo Lyrics

NAV – Ralo Lyrics

[NAV] Do my ting Money tall, Yao Ming Said I’m done with bling After one more ring I just built a team Off loyalty Before they move They gon’ think […]

NAV – Tension Lyrics

[NAV] I never had s---, so I wear my AP when I sleep I respect my OGs ’cause they practice what they preach My whip customized, fully loaded, quilted seats […]

NAV – Taking Chances Lyrics

Taking Chances Lyrics By NAV [NAV] Yeah, yeah I don’t like taking chances, I like f------ hoes I already know Yeah, yeah Gave into my thoughts, I can’t ignore these […]

NAV – I’m Ready Lyrics

I’m Ready Lyrics By NAV [NAV] I’m ready I’m ready, I put Forgis on Pirellis On the mob s---, try to threat me Leave your face inside spaghetti (Yeah) But […]

NAV – To My Grave Lyrics

To My Grave Lyrics By NAV Shootin’ s--- up ‘fore we shoot the fade I got secrets that I’m takin’ to my grave Talkin’ the language ’cause my squad don’t […]

Rich the Kid – Wrong Thing Lyrics

Wrong Thing Lyrics by Rich the Kid (feat. NAV) (Run that money counter baby) Aye, who the f--- is Marquise? Got the Rolls Royce, it’s a truck (It’s a skrrt) […]

NAV – Know Me Lyrics

Know Me Lyrics by NAV Balenci’ (Hmm), shoe size on my toe They know me (Hmm), everywhere I go Codeine (Hmm), double cup, make a toast Got rackies, gettin’ bags […]