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Album: “Bad Habits” (2019)

01. To My Grave
02. I’m Ready
03. Taking Chances
04. Tap f. Meek Mill
05. Tension
06. Price on My Head f. The Weeknd
07. Ralo
08. Tussin f. Young Thug
09. Snap
10. Hold Your Breath f. Gunna
11. Why You Cryin’ Mama
12. Time Piece f. Lil Durk
13. Dior Runners
14. Vicodin
15. Stuck With Me
16. Know Me

Album : Reckless (2018)

01.  Reckless (Intro)
02.  Never Change
03.  Hold Your Hand
04.  Faith
05.  Champion
06.  Glow Up
07.  Just Happened
08.  Wanted You
09.  With Me
10.  Eat
11.  Freshman List
12.  What I Need / Daheala Outro

NAV – No Time Lyrics

No Time By NAV Said she heated at me Said she wanna leave, I said “All right” (All right) Ever since I got my first chain I’ve been a low […]

NAV – Frequently Lyrics

Frequently By NAV It’s scary at night where I grew up at (Woah) We was takin’ fronts, tryna double up the sack (Woah) Plug said he lookin’ for us, gotta […]

NAV – Extra Lyrics

Extra By NAV Brown boy from the block, yeah, I turned into a big deal I got foreign toys, I put Forgis on my Hot Wheels Met my favorite rappers […]

NAV – Bag Lyrics

Bag By NAV She wanna know where I’m at Wherever the cash at, wherever Cash at Where the crack and the straps at Fucked her Saturday, now she mad today […]

NAV – Ain’t Goin Back Lyrics

Ain’t Goin Back By NAV I ain’t goin’ back to my hood for shit Heard they just killed neighborhood Nip Popping pills ’til it make me sick (Yeah) You show […]

NAV – I’m Up Lyrics

I’m Up By NAV (Tay Keith, what the fuck up, nigga?) (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) Tay Keith I don’t give a fuck, I’m up, I crashed my Lambo […]