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Category: Neffex

NEFFEX – Torn Apart Lyrics

Torn Apart by NEFFEX I’m feeling like I’m torn apart like I might be nothing you’ve been leaving all these scars on everything you touch and you got me like […]

NEFFEX – Cold in the Water Lyrics

Cold in the Water Lyrics By NEFFEX [NEFFEX] Said, I’m cold in the water Broken and still Feel nothing at all But pain and the chill [NEFFEX] Said, I’m cold […]

NEFFEX – 100 (Count It) Lyrics

100 (Count It) Lyrics [NEFFEX] We been ballin’ hard, yeah, turnin’ up that real s--- Tracks full of bars, yeah, y’all just wanna steal this Bottles at the club, yeah, […]

NEFFEX – Damn Gurl Lyrics

and all I know  is your fine when do what you do and babe I wanna make you mine when I see those hips move  I’m thinkin damn girl just […]

NEFFEX – Lost Not Found Lyrics

and I just wanna go somewhere where I can just stay inside where I can just lose my mind where I can just go unwind a scotch on the rocks […]

NEFFEX – What’s up Lyrics

I said what’s up what’s up? y’all gon step up step up? I’m the best as they come call me blessed I’m the one spitting raps like the sun fire […]