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Category: NERVO

NERVO - Horizon Lyrics

NERVO – Horizon Lyrics

Horizon Lyrics – NERVO Waiting for the day gonna that you’re waking up Waiting for the day that you understand it’s getting old now Waiting for the day that you […]

NERVO - Gotta Be You Lyrics

NERVO – Gotta Be You Lyrics

Gotta Be You Lyrics – NERVO Like an ocean, I could drown I’m in so deep in the open, mm There were moments I’d forgotten how to breathe I was […]

NERVO - Hurt Lyrics

NERVO – Hurt Lyrics

Hurt By NERVO A paper heart, in pieces Two blurry lines, too vague to follow I really thought, we did our best We had our time, through all the mess […]

NERVO – Sober Lyrics

Sober by NERVO I say I take a chance I fight for you, make bigger plans There’s nothing here scares me like the truth But then you let me down […]

DVBBS & NERVO – Make It Last Lyrics

Make It Last by DVBBS & NERVO Released : 2017 I don’t wanna lose another minute, don’t wanna let this go (don’t wanna let) ‘Cause everyone around us sees it […]

NERVO – Champagne Lyrics

Champagne by NERVO Feat. Chief Keef Released : 2017 Take me to the time where there was only champagne (champagne) Take me to the place where we both had it […]