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Category: New Hope Club

New Hope Club – Permission Lyrics

Permission By New Hope Club Sometimes we get confused We never quite know what we want until the day we do ‘Cause we don’t get to choose You can’t just […]

New Hope Club – Fixed Lyrics

Fixed By New Hope Club I’m a shipwreck waiting for you You’re the rock that stopped me going Anywhere, anywhere Going anywhere, anywhere You’re the storm that took me under […]

New Hope Club – Serious Lyrics

Serious By New Hope Club When the leaves start fallin’, I’ll come callin’ I’ll be right outside your door Never do get borin’, Monday mornin’s With our clothes all on […]

New Hope Club – You And I Lyrics

You And I By New Hope Club Tired of being wasted, losing sleep, I’m waking Up in the same places every single day Now I found you, I’ma make my […]