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Category: Nicki Minaj Lyrics

Nicki Minaj - Queen

Queen (2018)

01.  Ganja Burns
02.  Majesty
03.  Barbie Dreams
04.  Rich Sex
05.  Hard White
06.  Bed
07.  Thought I Knew You
08.  Run & Hide
09.  Chun Swae
10.  Chun-Li
11.  LLC
12.  Good Form
13.  Nip Tuck
14.  2 Lit 2 Late Interlude
15.  Come See About Me
16.  Sir
17.  Miami
18.  Coco Chanel
19.  Inspirations Outro

Nicki Minaj – Megatron Lyrics

Nicki Minaj : Megatron Lyrics Brra-ta-ta-ta Brra-ta-ta-ta They call me Megatron, just did a telethon He got Margiela’s on, and I get my jealous on I f--- him like I […]

Nicki Minaj & Anuel AA – Familia Lyrics

Familia Lyrics Nicki Minaj & Anuel AA (featuring Bantu) [Bantu (Anuel AA):] Father, father, I forgive oppo This is my house, he made it personal It’s always trouble when they […]

Nicki Minaj – Sorry Lyrics

Sorry by Nicki Minaj Feat. Nas Released : 2018 Hey baby Even though you break my heart I still love Sorry Is all that you can say Years gone by […]

Nicki Minaj – Inspirations Outro Lyrics

Inspirations Outro by Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 Capleton, Beenie Man, Mavado, uh oh Sizzla Kalonji, Kartel, Buju, go so Supercat, all over his Ferragamo, I know Destra Garcia, Machel Montano, […]

Nicki Minaj – Coco Chanel Lyrics

Coco Chanel by Nicki Minaj Lyrics Whole lotta gang s--- Beatz Oh, uh, ugh, ayo Chun, ayo Chun We back on that Coco s---, n----, number one, uh Whole lotta […]

Nicki Minaj – Miami Lyrics

Miami by Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 I ain’t really finna tell y’all how to get away with murder and s--- Just the other day I was out in Miami […]

Nicki Minaj – Sir Lyrics

Sir by Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 [Future:] Damn, damn, damn right Huh? Pluto, yeah I can see it All these green, sir Blowin’ weed, sir Big ol’ rings, sir […]

Nicki Minaj – Nip Tuck Lyrics

Nip Tuck by Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 (Everything, everything, everything, everything, everything) Gave you everything, yeah Bring it and take it all back I gave you everything, yeah But […]

Nicki Minaj – Good Form Lyrics

Good Form by Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 Eardrummers… Yo, hold up, hold up… Yo, hold up, hold up, hold up, okay, hold up You see a bad b---- coming, […]

LLC Lyrics

Nicki Minaj – LLC Lyrics

LLC by Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 I just took her name and made the b---- a LLC Stuff a couple checks in, then b----, get on your feet You […]

Nicki Minaj – Chun Swae Lyrics

Chun Swae by Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 [Swae Lee, Young Thug & Future:] Fall off in the spot Wait up, they gon’ do it while you drop Metro! Pull […]

Nicki Minaj – Run & Hide Lyrics

Run & Hide by Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 Don’t be goofy, bring some passion to the table, what you doin’? Don’t be stupid, I’m the realest b---- you know, […]