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Category: NIKI

NIKI – ​odds Lyrics

​odds by NIKI This has got to be a joke The universe f-----’ hates my guts Remindin’ me “U” and “I” don’t spell “US” We share different postal codes Maybe […]

NIKI – ​move! Lyrics

​move! by NIKI Maybe it’s the way that You make me wanna lay back If I can put the blame on the state of my mind Wasn’t supposed to stay, […]

NIKI – urs Lyrics

urs by NIKI Slick wit, lip lick, and We sleep in our skin Fast as I give in (right into you) Too deep, too fast, too Now I can’t move […]

NIKI – lowkey Lyrics

lowkey Lyrics by NIKI [NIKI] Wonder what I’ll do when the cops come through and the whiskey’s run out ‘Cause I’ve been lookin’ at you since half past two, wanna […]

NIKI – Spell Lyrics

Spell Lyrics by NIKI Slow Come and kiss me slow No, I don’t have to go Show me all there is to know All of the lights are down But […]

NIKI – Vintage Lyrics

Vintage by NIKI Released : 2018 Speak of the devil my-oh-my Walk in with that devilish smile That’s one thing, I haven’t seen in a while (In a while) How […]