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Category: NIKI

NIKI – Switchblade Lyrics

Switchblade By NIKI This is looking like I might just wanna stay Can’t remember much about yesterday Ground is glowing, I’m slowing my stride with every step (Take a good […]

NIKI – La La Lost You Lyrics

La La Lost You By NIKI While I’m on Sunset are you on the subway While I drive are you gettin’ on the L-train I mean, Manhattan’s nice, but so […]

NIKI – ​odds Lyrics

​odds by NIKI This has got to be a joke The universe fuckin’ hates my guts Remindin’ me “U” and “I” don’t spell “US” We share different postal codes Maybe […]

NIKI – ​move! Lyrics

​move! by NIKI Maybe it’s the way that You make me wanna lay back If I can put the blame on the state of my mind Wasn’t supposed to stay, […]

NIKI – urs Lyrics

urs by NIKI Slick wit, lip lick, and We sleep in our skin Fast as I give in (right into you) Too deep, too fast, too Now I can’t move […]