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Category: NIVIRO

NIVIRO – The Labyrinth Lyrics

The Labyrinth By NIVIRO Find your way into this wonderland. Cross the maze, the dark, the innocent. Chase the faith, the thrill, the heaven sent. I got your world upside […]

NIVIRO – Are We Alone Lyrics

Are We Alone By NIVIRO Are we alone. Dancing together. Touching the sky. We will make it forever. Are we alone. With you on adventure. Touching the stars. Oh it […]

NIVIRO – The Guardian Of Angels Lyrics

The Guardian Of Angels Lyrics by NIVIRO [NIVIRO] I’ve been watching you. Just come to me. I know where you’re hiding. I can see you. It’s okay, you’re safe with […]

NIVIRO – Fast Lane Lyrics

Fast Lane by NIVIRO Feat. PollyAnna Released : 2018 Silent nights recalling you A souvenir of what it could be Pieces of my mind are yours And i forget the […]

NIVIRO – The Ghost Lyrics

Are you afraid of the dark? Are you scared? I can see you from behind You can hear me in your mind Run so fast as you can go Time […]