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Category: NoCap

NoCap – War Zone Lyrics

War Zone by NoCap War zone I really hang with shot-ta-ta-tas Pray the feds don’t sweap I hope the jakes don’t mouf us I hate to tell the truth but […]

NoCap – Free Durkio Lyrics

Free Durkio Lyrics by NoCap When I started off it was small, then it became colossal We really didn’t have any problems, til I started balling without you Create some […]

NoCap – My Time Lyrics

My Time by NoCap CashMoneyAP Tomorrow I might go buy an AP watch I feel it’s my time, yeah All the way in LA, chillin’ with the vibes I’m still […]

NoCap – Around Me Lyrics

Around Me by NoCap Vicasso on another one SephGotTheWaves Name got a lil’ fame, I watched everything change around me Wanna hide a tape recorder ‘fore I leave, see what […]

NoCap – Solar Sisters Lyrics

Solar Sisters by NoCap KimJ with the heat It’s the front of April (Fools), still jumping out the Maybach I know junkies in my hood can find a needle in […]

NoCap – Dead Faces Lyrics

Dead Faces by NoCap Ain’t talkin’ soap but they gettin’ the Dial tone We born and live and die alone I was dead broke I seen Ben Franklin in the […]

NoCap – Vacant Inside Lyrics

Vacant Inside by NoCap Ayo Bans, what you cooking? Empty got vacant insides So it’s cold on the outside When it’s war, it’s more cries Forever riding with my people […]

NoCap – Demons Lyrics

Demons by NoCap Vicasso on another one SephGotTheWaves Pull up Hellcat, I hope I passed all them demons Money came with way more problems than I was thinkin’ Ice on […]

NoCap – Intoxicated Lyrics

Intoxicated by NoCap Intoxicated drivin’ I know I’m gon’ crash 100 racks inside the Goyard bag Yea, paper comin’ in while I relax You n----- just scared ain’t nothin’ dead […]

NoCap – Heart Beat Lyrics

Heart Beat by NoCap Vicasso on another one SephGotTheWaves Is you too good for me? Yeah Yeah If you said you wanted nothin’, still’d give you everything I’m out of […]

NoCap – Set It Off Lyrics

Set It Off by NoCap She thought she found love I told that b---- to get lost Watch me turn a mansion to a trap house Yea, watch me turn […]

NoCap – Anymore Lyrics

Anymore by NoCap CashMoneyAP More drink, new chain, new pain, new fame They hate they shining way more, it’s all visage They hate they shining way brighter than stars Yeah, […]

NoCap – No Jewlery Lyrics

NoCap – No Jewlery Lyrics

No Jewlery by NoCap I ain’t really got no jewelry So I pour the lean on ice I just hope that God don’t Take no more of my n-----’ life […]

NoCap – New Ones Lyrics

New Ones by NoCap (Vicasso on another one) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (SephGotTheWaves) Whoa Oh, I Uh [NoCap:] Run around with them same n-----, I ain’t thinkin’ about hangin’ […]

NoCap – Ghetto Angels Lyrics

Ghetto Angels by NoCap Yeah, didn’t write this song, but I’m recordin’ with this lead on me Know it sound strange but I’ma die for all my dead homies Nobody […]