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Category: NoCap

NoCap - Mistake Lyrics

NoCap – Mistake Lyrics

Mistake By NoCap D.Hill Got her off all these niggas I’m gon’ hit the lil’ bitch no Jimmy: Neutron 2020 it’s tinted, and that bitch came with artillery Nigga can’t […]

NoCap - Family Lyrics

NoCap – Family Lyrics

Family By NoCap, Quando Rondo Know my haters hate to see this But I ain’t goin’ back broke Don’t judge what you hear Judge what you know Ayy, if the […]

NoCap - Steel Human Intro Lyrics

NoCap – Steel Human Intro Lyrics

Steel Human Intro By NoCap Hey We hope they don’t cut em We play the cards we were delt Fuck it I’m used to it, I’m riding by myself I’m […]

NoCap - Overtime Lyrics

NoCap – Overtime Lyrics

Overtime By NoCap Coulda put a opp on camera, told my shooter please record it I buy it and wear it one time cause I remember I couldn’t afford it […]

NoCap - Instagram Models Lyrics

NoCap – Instagram Models Lyrics

Instagram Models By NoCap Al Geno on the track Ayy I just fucked an Instagram model, she wasn’t even worth it When we sliding, we hit two right back to […]