$NOT – Easter Pink Lyrics

Easter Pink Lyrics – $NOT Okay, I pull up in that Easter pink with the pink mink (What’s up?) Fuck what you think, I got your bitch up on my

$NOT – DVD Lyrics

DVD Lyrics – $NOT Hey, listen Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Dee B got that heat) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, hahaha Yeah Open up your mind, let me get inside


DISTORTED Lyrics – $NOT Yeah, I’ma tell you once, like twice, like shorty (Go) Do you love me? When it all falls down, will you get me? Don’t touch me,

$NOT – Simple Lyrics

Simple Lyrics – $NOT Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah When I wake up, all I think about is gettin’ paid (Yeah, yeah, yeah) When I wake up, wake up


IMMACULATE Lyrics – $NOT What’s good, GeeohhS? Dun, dun, dun (Hahaha, I think) Dun, dun, dun, what it do, Geeohh? Dun, dun, dun (Yeah, yeah) Dun, dun, dun (Uh) I’m


MS PORTER Lyrics – $NOT (feat. Night Lovell) Can you hear me now? Screamin’ out loud (Go) Even though it’s in my brain (Woo) Even though I got this pain

$NOT – My World (Intro) Lyrics

My World (Intro) Lyrics – $NOT Ayy, you know sometimes I be, I be shaking Sometimes it’s, it’s with my demons and shit, you know Yeah Ayy, I shake, I


BLUE MOON Lyrics – $NOT And I don’t wanna waste your time I don’t, I really don’t (haha) And I don’t wanna waste your time Haha Let’s go And I

$NOT – 5AM Lyrics

5AM Lyrics – $NOT Yeah, hahaha I’m high outside right now, trynna get lit Yeah, could get you right there Alright, yeah, yeah Right here, right here I’mma be outside,

$NOT – ALONE Lyrics

ALONE Lyrics – $NOT Foreign car outside, I feel like Bruce Wayne Baby, I’m a Gemini, that’s why my mood swing Pull up to the block, kick shit like Liu

$NOT – BENZO Lyrics

BENZO Lyrics – $NOT Yeah Yeah Hello, that is my bitch Shaniqua (Hello) I might dip like I’m John Cena I got BB’s on BB’s on BB’s (What’s up?) I


EYE EYE EYE Lyrics – $NOT (Donnie Katana) Eye-Eye-Eye-Eye-Eye-Eye-Eye (Let’s go) What you know about this shit? Run around town with the Bloods and the Crips (Shh) Let’s lay low

$NOT – Euphoric Lyrics

Euphoric Lyrics – $NOT Chill Basel, chill Go Hmm-hmm, hmm (Go) In a bulletproof black Tahoe We gon’ box ’em up wholesale like it’s Costco Dash like I’m Roscoe Fuckin’

$NOT – Halle Berry Lyrics

Halle Berry Lyrics – $NOT She got the low cut like Halle Berry Haha, yuh-yuh (Donnie Katana) Ayy She got the low cut like Halle Berry (Ah) Ain’t never seen

$NOT – How U Feel Lyrics

How U Feel Lyrics – $NOT ‘Cause what is life when you don’t even wanna live? How you feel? How you feel? How you feel? (Uh, yeah) I’m so lonely

$NOT – Fighting Me Lyrics

Fighting Me Lyrics – $NOT Yeah, ayy, excuse me (Hahaha) Yeah, ayy, excuse me (Uh, yeah, hahaha) Ayy, excuse me (Aight, go) Ayy, excuse me, I don’t mean to break

$NOT – high IQ Lyrics

high IQ Lyrics – $NOT Yeah, yeah, ayy, uh She a pretty bitch up in my eyes High IQ (I), I like you Come into my garden, love (Go) Double

$NOT – Once Upon A Time (Outro) Lyrics

Once Upon A Time (Outro) Lyrics – $NOT Woah, oah, oah, oah, oah (Where you at?) Feeling down tonight (Tonight), in the summertime (Yeah) I’ll find you when it’s time

$NOT – Doja Lyrics

Doja Lyrics – $NOT Niggas got me fucked up No cap Yuh, yuh (Dee B got that heat) Why these niggas talkin’ fuckin’ shit? I-I-I told ’em pipe down, I

$NOT – Go Lyrics

Go Lyrics – $NOT Yeah, hahaha Hahaha, yeah (Dee B got that heat) Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Go,