Nothing But Thieves – Overcome Lyrics

Overcome Lyrics – Nothing But Thieves I don’t wanna fight My money’s in a bag in the back for you The future’s overdue Yeah I know that Turn the engine

Nothing but Thieves – Drawing Pins Lyrics

Drawing Pins Lyrics – Nothing but Thieves Every light is blinding Every minute lasts all day Every thought is fighting They’re not falling into place I’m held down by drawing

Nothing but Thieves – Painkiller Lyrics

Painkiller Lyrics – Nothing but Thieves I’ll light two cigarettes Then I’ll give you one Oh that never gets old No that never gets old You send me your regrets

Nothing but Thieves – Honey Whiskey Lyrics

Honey Whiskey Lyrics – Nothing but Thieves This party’s pretty boring I don’t think it’s for me Lucy’s already crashed out She’s on the spare settee This air is getting

Nothing but Thieves – Hanging Lyrics

Hanging Lyrics – Nothing but Thieves The blue one is a little chiller, Use it to take the edge off a touch. Pink one is a buzzkiller, But she stops

Nothing but Thieves – Six Billion Lyrics

Six Billion Lyrics – Nothing but Thieves Sometimes the cord likes to break Sometimes the light tries to bend away Sometimes we’re thrust against the wall Sometimes the world wants

Nothing But Thieves – Futureproof Lyrics

Futureproof – Nothing But Thieves They’re shutting down the protest Yeah we’re so on trend Quick, go grab a picture Go get that content You’re stealing the attention But it’s

Nothing But Thieves – Phobia Lyrics

Phobia Lyrics – Nothing But Thieves I love the night but not the stars The fame suckers in their block-long cars I fucking hate the internet Five-star hotel and I