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Category: Now United

Now United - Stand Together Lyrics

Now United – Stand Together Lyrics

Stand Together By Now United Step aside if you’re not my friend Step aside if your words don’t end Step aside if you just can’t see What is anybody fighting […]

Now United – Dana Dana Lyrics

Dana Dana By Now United The sun and the moon A billion stars above This feeling that we share Our hearts are beating as one The rhythm of the world […]

Now United – Better Lyrics

Now United – Better Lyrics

Better By Now United Tell me, love, what is on your mind Tell me why, why ‘Cause I’ve seen you before Yeah, I’ve seen you before Tell me, love, what […]

Now United – By My Side Lyrics

By My Side By Now United Everybody needs someone to hold them down As long as you’re with me, that’s how it’s gonna be You don’t have to worry ’cause […]