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Category: NSG

NSG - MCM Lyrics

NSG – MCM Lyrics

MCM By NSG Love is for the weak imma love you for the week then dash out Bust then cut out Straight the trap till everything sold out Bro wifed […]

NSG - Lupita Lyrics

NSG – Lupita Lyrics

Lupita By NSG She break her waist like dua lipa I don’t mind if you got a little fupa Dark skin girl like lupita I’m in a spaceship I’ll fly […]

NSG - Nonsense Lyrics

NSG – Nonsense Lyrics

Nonsense By NSG I’m tryna stunt Cuh I’m tired of being humble Ice in my cup, ice in my watch Ice on your pendent? Hmm hmm no attending Bad belle […]

NSG - Tinder Lyrics

NSG – Tinder Lyrics

Tinder By NSG Them man don’t get girl so they sign up on tinder My temper tender, please don’t push me Pull up in a vectra, trap mobil Gyal still […]

NSG - Why Stress Lyrics

NSG – Why Stress Lyrics

Why Stress By NSG Stepped in the disco couple goonies watch your miss tho I turn her into a groupie Shots like Isco finesse like Rooney dem man bore me […]

NSG - Zanotti Lyrics

NSG – Zanotti Lyrics

Zanotti By NSG She gets extra naughty When I put here in some new zanottis Pretty gyal you wan spend ma money But she can only spend a night Already […]