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Category: Octavian

Octavian – My Head Lyrics

My Head by Octavian (Feat. ABRA) I don’t want your loving now, baby You admit you’re driving me crazy You hit, you driving me crazy Demons watching, they listen to […]

Octavian – World Lyrics

World by Octavian Of course Don’t think the world is not yours anymore I won’t fail golf course any more But isn’t it time to climb? Been in it for […]

Octavian – No Weakness Lyrics

No Weakness by Octavian You wanna ride ’round with me? Show me no weakness, this is not recess I repeat, f--- what you feel I sense that your bullshit is […]

Octavian - Bet Lyrics

Octavian – Bet Lyrics

Bet by Octavian Okay, bet (Bet), I just made your girl a sket She rep the set, she made my d--- erect (I said erect) Kill man, you next, disrespect […]

Octavian – Molly Go Down Lyrics

Molly Go Down by Octavian And you’re so stressed and you’re so vexed S---, I wouldn’t wanna be in your head right now (Right now) I take molly to slow […]

Octavian – King Essie Lyrics

King Essie by Octavian Chilling with Stevo, with Sparkx, what can I say? We smoking doobies every single day I got big bankrolls, I peel it in your face Getting […]

Octavian – Gangster Love Lyrics

Gangster Love by Octavian Gangster love Gangster love Why don’t you come here, girl? You’re mighty shy Gangster love, ooh Gangster love Gangster love Why don’t you come here, girl? […]

Octavian - Feel It Lyrics

Octavian – Feel It Lyrics

Feel It by Octavian (feat. Theophilus London) You must be out of your mind, must be out of your mind Out of your mind, out of your mind Are you […]

Octavian – Lit Lyrics

Octavian – Lit Lyrics

Lit Lyrics by Octavian (feat. A$AP Ferg) [Octavian] Young n---- got lit I’m in London, got my beat from London [Octavian] F-----’ n---- got lit Young Phillip came runnin’ out […]

Octavian – Revenge Lyrics

Revenge by Octavian Released : 2018 This is a $umeenk track If I buy a car I’ll shoot you in your face And you ain’t gettin out, there’s no way […]