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Category: Odette


Odette – You Lyrics

You by Odette Filled to the brim With uncertainty I walk to console with myself I know that my thoughts Will lead me to you But right now they lead […]


Odette – Onyx Lyrics

Onyx by Odette Crystal clear, I saw you leave I saw you lie, I’m undermining you Brown [?] won’t hide my fears Blood stained sunshine comes with a price Now […]


Odette – Lotus Eaters Lyrics

Lotus Eaters by Odette The plants grew along the road like an unquenchable wildfire I remember the times you used to think I was high But I was too busy […]


Odette – Fractured Glass Lyrics

Fractured Glass by Odette Sometimes it’s like my head spins And in the calm it don’t seem right until Oh, lie under the cover of lust I live in the […]


Odette – Do You See Me Lyrics

Do You See Me by Odette Deal with the intensity I turn to me, my reflection and say Deal with the intensity It’s a necessity that you be able to […]