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Category: Oh Sees

Oh Sees – Together Tomorrow Lyrics

Together Tomorrow by Oh Sees Tapping at the window Who’s that? Dry out your eyeball Fuck that Blacking out the mirror Lie back Slapping on the wrist now Tap tap […]

Oh Sees – Heart Worm Lyrics

Heart Worm by Oh Sees We don’t talk a lot Yet we have a lot to talk about When you feel all fucked up Grab a shard and cover me […]

Oh Sees – Psy-Ops Dispatch Lyrics

Psy-Ops Dispatch by Oh Sees Look at us together Laying eye to eye People on the screen keep saying They need us alive Wipe our minds together Scanning all we […]

Oh Sees – Poisoned Stones Lyrics

Poisoned Stones by Oh Sees Hey A big operation Every night It really suits you In my eyes Hey Laying in the basement Awake at night Nobody with you You’ll […]

Oh Sees – Gholū Lyrics

Gholū by Oh Sees One more rind for the Gholü skinner One more carcass for a demonic dinner Have a taste of that Have a taste of that black stew […]

Oh Sees – Scutum & Scorpius Lyrics

Scutum & Scorpius by Oh Sees Whizzing by What the fuck Lazing here, it ruined the afternoon Panicked voice On the CNR Reaching out as the bug swirls all around […]