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Category: Oh, Sleeper

Oh, Sleeper – Oxygen Lyrics

Oxygen Lyrics by Oh, Sleeper Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen Black out the sun Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen Underestimated and far from the grave The brighter the fire, the sharper the blade And […]

Oh, Sleeper – Pulse Over Throne Lyrics

Pulse Over Throne Lyrics by Oh, Sleeper The old familiar steam starts creeping out Fire baking my veins Tonight, on hell we dine Reaching out, our cloud of oblivion The […]

Oh, Sleeper – Mutinous Lyrics

Mutinous Lyrics by Oh, Sleeper Oh my God, we seem to have gone off course We let the current drag us down too far We tried to live amongst the […]

Oh, Sleeper - Two Ships Lyrics

Oh, Sleeper – Two Ships Lyrics

Two Ships Lyrics by Oh, Sleeper I can see what scares you I can see through every scar Where there is no light in the pitch of the night, I’ll […]

Oh, Sleeper – Let It Wave Lyrics

Let It Wave by Oh, Sleeper A step in the heat’s worth 10 in the shade I tell you son, you’ve gotta back up your claims You’re walking the beat […]

Oh, Sleeper – The Island Lyrics

The Island by Oh, Sleeper Such bittersweet Fruits from the seeds I sowed When I took the oar I pulled the needle off of north I forced my course Without […]