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Category: Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder – This Christmas Lyrics

This Christmas By Oh Wonder There’s a million faces out there in the streets And a quiet home’s in winter melodies Seems funny how the season brings the tear When I’m longing for the […]

Oh Wonder – Better Now Lyrics

Better Now By Oh Wonder Lyrics You’ve been through it all And I wait for the call just to know If you’re better now 22 hours, pacing the room Praying […]

Oh Wonder – Hallelujah Lyrics

Hallelujah by Oh Wonder i heard it on the radio on my way back home that i’m gonna be someone i guess it was a song they wrote saying don’t go slow ’cause […]

Oh Wonder – Waste Lyrics

Waste by Oh Wonder Album : Ultralife Released : 2017 There’s a space in between Like a grey evergreen Where the hurt never meant Stops to linger On the pavement […]