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Category: Old Dominion

Old Dominion – Midnight Mess Around Lyrics

Midnight Mess Around by Old Dominion: You’re riding right beside me in my car Looking like you wouldn’t tell me no I’m thinking about taking it too far I don’t think that we […]

Old Dominion – Young Lyrics

Young by Old Dominion All we had was a feeling All we knew is we were leaving A couple drops in the ocean Go back for just a moment Before […]

Old Dominion - Some People Do Lyrics

Old Dominion – Some People Do Lyrics

Some People Do Lyrics by Old Dominion Released: May 3, 2019 Genre: Country I know you’re hurt, I know it’s my fault But I’ve kept “I’m sorry” locked in a […]

Old Dominion – One Man Band Lyrics

One Man Band Lyrics by Old Dominion [Old Dominion] Been flying solo for so long Nobody’s singing a harmony Up there just me and my shadow No base, no guitar, […]