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Category: Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree – Hurt Lyrics

Hurt by Oliver Tree My day will come, I gave too much I sold my soul, I’m waiting for my pay in full I only want your dying love, I’ve […]

Oliver Tree – Alien Boy Lyrics

Alien Boy by Oliver Tree I fell down to earth from a hundred miles away And somehow I still make it work But it’s overrated and somehow played out Three […]

Oliver Tree – Introspective Lyrics

Introspective by Oliver Tree There it was, so introspective I  don’t need things to get messy This  is overcomplicated I guess I miscalculated I don’t think that I can hold […]

Oliver Tree – Do You Feel Me? Lyrics

Do You Feel Me? by Oliver Tree Everybody knows that I’m sticking it out Everybody hates that I’m feeling myself Something made me think about it Something made me think […]

Oliver Tree – Miracle Man Lyrics

Miracle Man by Oliver Tree Your whole life I tried, and now I’m getting closer (X2) Tell me what you want was It enough for you F------ up your life […]

Oliver Tree – Fuck Lyrics

F--- Lyrics by Oliver Tree [Oliver Tree] Hello, hello, hello, hello Hell no! Hello, hello, hello, hello What the f---? Hell no! Who? Me, b----! [Oliver Tree] Who turned into […]

Oliver Tree – Upside Down Lyrics

Upside Down by Oliver Tree Released : 2017 [Oliver Tree] It seems that sometimes I’m stuck upside down And it seems that sometimes I’m stuck upside down [Oliver Tree] Take […]