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Category: Ollie

Ollie – Anxious Lyrics

Ollie – Anxious Lyrics I’ve been feeling anxious, wondering if s--- will work out, I’ve been feeling anxious, work so late I slept on my couch, my friends ask me […]

Ollie – Friends Lyrics

Ollie – Friends Lyrics Watching you all night gets hard for me, I don’t want to leave alone, i just want to get you all for me, I want more, […]

Ollie – Faith Lyrics

Ollie – Faith Lyrics It’s all in gods hands All the money, all the fans Control the things that I can’t Said it’s all in Gods Hands, Gods Hands, Gods […]

Ollie – Believe Lyrics

Ollie – Believe Lyrics I’m not no perfect person See, I still make mistakes I’m tryna figure out myself with a lot on my plate I guess I’m sorry to […]

Ollie - Broken Down Lyrics

Ollie – Broken Down Lyrics

Broken Down By Ollie Broken down, I’m losing all of my strengths Hopeless now, I can’t pretend I’m okay Constant hell, I wish I could move on from all this pain Broken down I’m […]

Ollie – Stuck Lyrics

Stuck by Ollie smoke a little weed, smoke a little weed i’ve been feelin’ low pressure in my head, lay awake in bed i’m against the rose been tryin’ to recover but nothin’ i […]

Ollie – On The Real Lyrics

On The Real by Ollie Momma told me to play nice, but I’m havin’ trouble with that ‘Cause lotta people quick to talk about me when they ain’t be knowin’ […]