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Category: Ollie

Ollie - street lights Lyrics

Ollie – street lights Lyrics

street lights Lyrics – Ollie Sometimes I just drive with the street lights, down the avenue, gotta emotions on mind need to think twice, bout what ima do, I’ll do […]

Ollie - 3 Words Lyrics

Ollie – 3 Words Lyrics

3 Words Lyrics – Ollie (It’s a tough pill to swallow) I wish it was real when I say I didn’t love you (It’s a tough pill to swallow) Hey […]

Ollie - paper heart Lyrics

Ollie – paper heart Lyrics

paper heart Lyrics – Ollie She been fucking with my heart, paper heart Shoulda seen this from the start, from the start It’s like I’m running from the dark, shooting […]

Ollie - ​get it theret Lyrics

Ollie – ​get it theret Lyrics

​get it there Lyrics – Ollie Get it there, all I do is try just to get it there Life and career would be better there Get it there, get […]

Ollie - lifeboat Lyrics

Ollie – lifeboat Lyrics

lifeboat Lyrics – Ollie I’m bad at taking advice And sometimes admitting I’m wrong Stubborn is saying it nice I ain’t so tough, I get sad when you gone I […]