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Category: Pa Salieu

Pa Salieu - Lit Lyrics

Pa Salieu – Lit Lyrics

Lit Lyrics Pa Salieu Afrikan Rebel aka gambino pepe Pe pe pe pon all of them You don’t feel safe on your ones, you don’t You aint got heart its […]

Pa Salieu - More Paper Lyrics

Pa Salieu – More Paper Lyrics

More Paper Lyrics – Pa Salieu Look My name is Pa and I’ve got a lot of enemies Niggas want me dead I wouldn’t blame them Humble, it’s only right […]

Pa Salieu - Active Lyrics

Pa Salieu – Active Lyrics

Active Lyrics – Pa Salieu Aye Take the horse to the river, you can’t make it drip I see the fake in your eyes, you can’t make a dream Mind’s […]

Pa Salieu - T.T.M Lyrics

Pa Salieu – T.T.M Lyrics

T.T.M Lyrics – Pa Salieu Run up mo’ Sound of the gun go poof Grab that spinner from Harry’s Young one did dirt with the magic wand Swing that power […]

Pa Salieu - BK Lyrics

Pa Salieu – B***K Lyrics

B***K Lyrics – Pa Salieu Yeah, di music Black (Black) Skin tone Black (Black) Di lifestyle Black (Black) But they fear that fact (Black) Music Black (Black) Skin tone Black […]

Pa Salieu - Energy Lyrics

Pa Salieu – Energy Lyrics

Energy Lyrics – Pa Salieu Some brudders give in, some make it out Some ain’t got the heart and some be holdin’ spirit Some do it for the livin’, most […]

Pa Salieu - My Family Lyrics

Pa Salieu – My Family Lyrics

My Family By Pa Salieu Pussy, what you want from me? Pussy, I don’t owe nobody Frontlines, all you see is cats callin’ (callin’) They only wanted (uh) from me […]