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Category: Passenger

English singer-songwriter and musician.

Passenger – Only Time Lyrics

Only Time Lyrics [Passenger] Another shade of grey Another rolled up sleeve Another Christmas Day Another New Year’s eve But one year must end For another to start And only […]

Passenger – Rosie Lyrics

Rosie Lyrics by Passenger [Passenger] Well Rosie, don’t be scared by the storm outside We are safe and warm, we are home and dry And though it rages on, there’s […]

Passenger – Helplessly Lost Lyrics

Helplessly Lost Lyrics by Passenger Well Im sorry for the time that I’ve been taking  And the lines that I’ve crossed  The mess that I’ve been making  And for everything […]

Passenger – Restless Wind Lyrics

Restless Wind Lyrics By Passenger Where, hello there restless wind It’s been a long time, since you’ve blown through the streets I really don’t mind If you pick me up […]

Passenger – To Be Free Lyrics

To Be Free by Passenger Released : 2018 Vineland, New Jersey, farm land stretching Far as the eye can see Not much down there, but sun-scorched pastures in Nineteen-fifty-three The […]

Passenger – Heart To Love Lyrics

Heart To Love Be There by Passenger I’ve been hopelessly clutching up for something I can hold I’ve been lying in the dark with no light in my soul I’ve […]

Passenger – Runaway Lyrics

Runaway by Passenger Well, my heart’s a runaway Living by the camp fire light Yeah, my love’s a stowaway Slipping out into the night But hey, I can feel it […]

Passenger – Lanterns Lyrics

Lanterns by Passenger Album : The Boy Who Cried Wolf Released : 2017 Genre : Folk Be a lantern burning Never gonna go out Oh, the winds are turning Never […]

Passenger – In the End Lyrics

In the End by Passenger Album : The Boy Who Cried Wolf Released : 2017 Genre : Folk Well, the past is the past, the future is not yet The […]