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Category: Periphery

Periphery – Sentient Glow Lyrics

Sentient Glow Lyrics by Periphery [Periphery] Fake it Our way of life so simple Thinking we have it all A choice we’ve made Embrace the world in vain and shun […]

Periphery – Crush Lyrics

Crush Lyrics by Periphery [Periphery] We are the earth We are the sky Immortalized We are the body and the mind The ancient tribe If we could only stop the […]

Periphery – Follow Your Ghost Lyrics

Follow Your Ghost Lyrics by Periphery [Periphery] Embrace the doorway when everything’s fading away Take a breath, take time A poet to die and you’ll fall in love with a […]

Periphery – It’s Only Smiles Lyrics

It’s Only Smiles Lyrics by Periphery [Periphery] We’ve all got those things crawling under what they perceive We know sharp fangs and they chew in the tide alone [Periphery] My […]

Periphery – CHVRCH BVRNER Lyrics

CHVRCH BVRNER Lyrics by Periphery [Periphery] A loving priest, a lonely town Everybody wants a piece of it now There’s a static, it’s alive in the battleground Blow the horn […]