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Category: Phantogram

Phantogram – Let Me Down Lyrics

Let Me Down By Phantogram I’ve decided when it ends Digging the only way yeah Don’t make me scream and beg Nothing will ever feel new It goes on and […]

Phantogram – News Today Lyrics

News Today By Phantogram I saw you on the news today You was alive You was just healthy and on your way And I was happy And I was happy […]

Phantogram – Glowing Lyrics

Glowing By Phantogram All I needed was for time to pass away All I needed was to pass the time away But it still keeps going and going and going […]

Phantogram – Gaunt Kids Lyrics

Gaunt Kids By Phantogram Elvis Nature King Dumb Make Believe Pay it Bought it Bang Out my mind Credit Awesome Player Major league Axes Swinging Heartless On my sleeve You’re […]

Phantogram – Ceremony Lyrics

Ceremony By Phantogram Hold me I’m a miracle Hold me I’m a miracle Faded Fade in Fade out It’s my favorite daydream Where everybody knows me Hang back Hang back […]

Phantogram – Dear God Lyrics

Dear God By Phantogram What would I do? And what would I do? What would I do Without you? Take me out of this world I’m living in Tell, tell […]