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Category: Phora

American rapper from Anaheim

Phora – Back to You Lyrics

Back to You by Phora Bring me back, bring me back, bring me back, oh-oh-ooh Bring me back, bring me back, bring me back, oh-oh-ooh I got too many thoughts […]

Phora – Lost Lyrics

Lost by Phora Yeah This might be the realest s--- I ever wrote Yeah, yeah Like why the f--- I always feel alone? I don’t know why I always feel […]

Phora – Never Know Lyrics

Never Know by Phora Yeah, mm All this liquor in my system, drinking to myself Funny how we say it numbs the pain But deep inside we know it never […]

Phora – Alive Lyrics

Alive by Phora Yeah, mmm I got it, yeah Time passing us by, time passing us by (Time passing us by) I don’t wanna keep livin’ in a lie (Livin’ […]

Phora – Just You Lyrics

Just You by Phora You know I wanna be the person that you could run to Anytime, you know, you could come through Take your time, I ain’t tryna rush […]

Phora – Te Necesito Lyrics

Te Necesito by Phora (Feat. Ecko & Mariah) I don’t want to hold you back I don’t want to hold you back Like it when you move like that Baby, […]

Phora – All These Thoughts Lyrics

All These Thoughts by Phora Taylor bout the f------ flex Yeah  I  mean its so crazy When you look back at s--- That’s when you start to see things for […]

Phora - Love Yourself Lyrics

Phora – Love Yourself Lyrics

Love Yourself by Phora Don’t let this world and all these fake people upset you Keep your head high, you should know that you special Had to leave ’em all […]

Phora – Anything You Need Lyrics

Anything You Need by Phora Yeah, aye I ain’t trying, no, I ain’t really trying to waste your time I just can’t really help the fact that you crossed my […]

Phora – Like A Drug Lyrics

Like A Drug by Phora Shawty like a drug, ’cause she gets me high Got me in the clouds, floating in the sky Think I fell in love when she […]

Phora – Blame On Me Lyrics

Blame On Me by Phora I been trying to find my way back to you I’ll never talk with my back to you After all these feelings I’ve had for […]

Phora – The Dream Lyrics

The Dream Lyrics by Phora Yeah, lately I feel like the devil’s watching he taunts me I been having these thoughts in my head they haunt me I been trying […]

Phora – On My Way Lyrics

On My Way Lyrics by Phora I’m on my way to you (Yeah) Don’t say you done wit’ me, when you ain’t done wit’ me I’m on my way to […]

Phora – Forgive Me Lyrics

Forgive Me by Phora One two, yeah One two It’s just way too much right now Look All this pressure on my mind weighing down on my back All this […]