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Category: Phora

American rapper from Anaheim

Phora – On My Way Lyrics

On My Way Lyrics by Phora I’m on my way to you (Yeah) Don’t say you done wit’ me, when you ain’t done wit’ me I’m on my way to […]

Phora – Forgive Me Lyrics

Forgive Me by Phora One two, yeah One two It’s just way too much right now Look All this pressure on my mind weighing down on my back All this […]

Phora – Til Infinity Lyrics

Til Infinity by Phora Released : 2018 Yeah, yeah, look It’s like everybody went ghost when I needed they help, uh Pain and betrayal, not too easy to shelf, but […]

Phora – Back Then Lyrics

Back Then by Phora Released : 2018 Yeah, yeah I mean it’s crazy how everything changes so fast Mm Yeah, they ain’t love me back then but they f--- with […]

Phora – Feel Lyrics

Feel by Phora Released : 2018 [Phora] One, two, uh Yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, yeah, look [Phora] First I lost you, now I’m lost in the drugs Pop this, take […]

Phora – Her Lyrics

Her by Phora Released : 2018 All I see is you babe, you, yeah All I see is you babe, you, yeah Yeah Lately all this pressure getting to me […]

Phora – Space Lyrics

Space by Phora Released : 2018 [Breana Marin & Phora] I’m trying not to think about you I know I gotta make my own moves I wanna stay in my lane […]

Phora – Direction Lyrics

Direction by Phora Released : 2018 Right direction Point me towards the right direction Life’s all about the lessons I’m losing my mind obsession, mind obsession Point me towards the […]

Phora - No Scope Lyrics

Phora – No Scope Lyrics

No Scope by Phora Released : 2018 Uh, fake s--- all around me Yeah, I’m aiming straight for the head I’m aiming straight for the head And I ain’t stopping […]

Phora – Romeo Lyrics

Romeo by Phora Released : 2018 [Brandon Vlad] She call me but I’m not there I’m more like the guy on the side She delete my text at night ‘Cause […]

Phora – Sinner Pt. 3 Lyrics

Sinner Pt. 3 by Phora Released : 2018 [Phora & Vicktor Taiwò] Yeah See it’s been hard for me to be myself I look in the mirror and I can’t see […]

Phora – Stuck In My Ways Lyrics

Stuck In My Ways by Phora Released : 2018 [Phora] Yeah, all this pressure been getting to me lately I just feel like everything changed, look [Phora] Yeah, stuck in […]

Phora – Love Me LIke Lyrics

Love Me LIke by Phora Released : 2018 [Intro: Phora] Yeah, sometimes I just miss the way she used to be [Chorus: Phora] You should love me like way back […]

Phora – For You Lyrics

For You by Phora Released : 2018 [Rioma] It’s a long time Heard it all before It’s a long time Tell me is this what you’re looking for It’s a […]

Phora – Done Playing Nice Lyrics

Done Playing Nice by Phora Released : 2018 Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah Done playing nice (nice) Done playing nice (aye) I ain’t taking no advice (aye) They gon’ have to […]

Phora – Buss It Down Lyrics

Buss It Down by Phora Released : 2018 Oh yeah, ah yeah, aye Buss it down, f--- around Everybody switch but you stuck around (aye) Run it back, I’m still […]