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Category: Phora

American rapper from Anaheim

Phora - This Weekend Lyrics

Phora – This Weekend Lyrics

This Weekend Lyrics – Phora I’m drinkin’, you smokin’ You ridin’ on me, slow motion I feel like I’m dreaming Let’s both get away this weekend I’m drinkin’, you smokin’ […]

Phora - What Happened to Us Lyrics

Phora – What Happened to Us? Lyrics

What Happened to Us? Lyrics – Phora B-B-Boyfifty Mm Because I’m not okay I can’t feel this pain Why don’t you love me like you say you do? Why can’t […]

Phora - Like a Rose Lyrics

Phora – Like a Rose Lyrics

Like a Rose Lyrics – Phora Baby I’m okay when I’m with you You make me feel sane when I’m with you Numb my pain, conceal all my issues I’m […]

Phora - Expensive Taste Lyrics

Phora – Expensive Taste Lyrics

Expensive Taste Lyrics – Phora I mean, haha Yeah She like Chanel bags, yeah She look at me like she been through Hell and back, yeah She in the Hills […]