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Category: Pinegrove

Pinegrove – Spiral Lyrics

Spiral By Pinegrove Drink water Good posture Good lighting Good evening You’re mourning The loss of A feeling A part of A process Of living A vision To do what […]

Pinegrove – The Alarmist Lyrics

The Alarmist By Pinegrove You left gleaming A green rectangle around the door Please be careful What you wish for I whisper to myself and I’m spinning it half around […]

Pinegrove – No Drugs Lyrics

No Drugs By Pinegrove No drugs and alcohol today I want to remember everything we talk about I want to feel light moving in everything you say But part of […]

Pinegrove – Hairpin Lyrics

Hairpin By Pinegrove I woke up grinding my teeth With you next to me Just smiling My thread through hairpin bends You do upend my island Through infidel skies Through […]

Pinegrove – Phase Lyrics

Phase By Pinegrove That night when I lifted my head up & I was seeing what was trembling there On the edge of my restless eyelid On the tip of […]

Pinegrove – Endless Lyrics

Endless By Pinegrove Is life kicking up dust right now? Has life given up for you right now as well? Oh, what is life giving us? I wake up and […]

Pinegrove – Alcove Lyrics

Alcove By Pinegrove I’ll go if you want Alcove in the dark Yellow marigold All folded up in the front I’ll go to the west Where my family is Where […]

Pinegrove – Neighbor Lyrics

Neighbor By Pinegrove Little insect upside down & trying To right-side-up itself felt by my right foot tapping Squirming mechanism & it spins & tips vertical But in my alien […]

Pinegrove – Moment Lyrics

Moment by Pinegrove scared to know i’m scared to know you got me talkin in the dark saying anything i can damnit i’m scared to know i’m scared to know […]

Pinegrove – Intrepid Lyrics

Intrepid by Pinegrove Released : 2017 Don’t let it get to you, you said Well I did Take a rectangle, untangle your head Intrepid Would you bet your life on […]