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Category: Pinegrove

Pinegrove – Spiral Lyrics

Spiral By Pinegrove Drink water Good posture Good lighting Good evening You’re mourning The loss of A feeling A part of A process Of living A vision To do what […]

Pinegrove – The Alarmist Lyrics

The Alarmist By Pinegrove You left gleaming A green rectangle around the door Please be careful What you wish for I whisper to myself and I’m spinning it half around […]

Pinegrove – No Drugs Lyrics

No Drugs By Pinegrove No drugs and alcohol today I want to remember everything we talk about I want to feel light moving in everything you say But part of […]

Pinegrove – Hairpin Lyrics

Hairpin By Pinegrove I woke up grinding my teeth With you next to me Just smiling My thread through hairpin bends You do upend my island Through infidel skies Through […]

Pinegrove – Phase Lyrics

Phase By Pinegrove That night when I lifted my head up & I was seeing what was trembling there On the edge of my restless eyelid On the tip of […]

Pinegrove – Endless Lyrics

Endless By Pinegrove Is life kicking up dust right now? Has life given up for you right now as well? Oh, what is life giving us? I wake up and […]