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Category: P!nk

Album: Hurts 2B Human (2019)
Album: Beautiful Trauma (2017)

P!nk – Circle Game Lyrics

Circle Game Lyrics by P!nk [Pink (P!nk)] For all my hard talk, I’m still just a daddy’s girl In this hard shell, there’s tiny cracks from a big world And […]

P!nk – Love Me Anyway Lyrics

Love Me Anyway Lyrics by P!nk [Pink (P!nk)] Even if you see my scars, even if I break your heart If we’re a million miles apart, do you think you’d […]

P!nk – We Could Have It All Lyrics

We Could Have It All Lyrics by P!nk [Pink (P!nk)] There were no black cats in our past I’ve been tied, stepping cracks in the pavement Everybody thought we would […]

P!nk - Happy Lyrics

P!nk – Happy Lyrics

Happy Lyrics by P!nk [Pink (P!nk)] Mmm, may— Mmm, may— [Pink (P!nk)] Since I was 17 I’ve always hated my body And it feels like my body’s hated me Can […]

P!nk – Courage Lyrics

Courage Lyrics by P!nk [Pink(P!nk)] I’m walking uphill both ways, it hurts I bury my heart here in this dirt I hope it’s a seed, I hope it works I […]

P!nk – 90 Days Lyrics

90 Days Lyrics by P!nk [Pink (P!nk)] No-no-no, no-no-no, no Hey No-no-no, no-no-no, no [Pink (P!nk)] We’re driving in a black car And it’s blacked out and we’re spinnin’ We’re […]

P!nk - My Attic Lyrics

P!nk – My Attic Lyrics

My Attic Lyrics by P!nk [Pink (P!nk)] My attic is full of pages, full of crazy Cluttered spaces that you could not cross My attic is full of bones and […]

P!nk – Hurts 2B Human Lyrics

Hurts 2B Human Lyrics by P!nk ft. Khalid [P!nk] Will you make it sound so pretty Even when it’s not? Didn’t choose but it’s the only one we’ve got And […]

Pink – Can We Pretend Lyrics

Can We Pretend Lyrics by P!nk ft. Cash Cash [Pink] I remember conversations We were dancing up on tables Taking pictures when we had nowhere to post You were laughin’, […]

P!nk – Hustle Lyrics

Hustle Lyrics by Pink I gave you soft, I gave you sweet Just like a lion you came for sheep, oh no Don’t try to hustle me You took my […]

P!nk – Walk Me Home Lyrics

Walk Me Home Lyrics by P!nk [P!nk] There’s something in the way you roll your eyes Takes me back to a better time When I saw everything is good But […]

P!nk – You Get My Love Lyrics

You Get My Love Lyrics by P!nk Released : 2017 While you were sleeping I decided to lay it out Every bad reason All of my pointless doubts Where I […]

P!nk – I Am Here Lyrics

I Am Here Lyrics by P!nk Released : 2017 I open up my heart You can love me or not There’s no such thing as sin Let it all come […]

P!nk – Better Life Lyrics

Better Life by P!nk Released : 2017 I’ve been up late watching you breathe Wondering if you’re going to leave Don’t tell me what you see That you actually believe […]