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Category: Polo G

Polo G – Icy Girl [Remix] Lyrics

Icy Girl [Remix] By Polo G Lyrics Remember when it was dark now I’m the star that’s shining brightly (b----) I be doing don’t give a f--- if you don’t […]

Polo G – Heartless Lyrics

Heartless by Polo G Released On September 20, 2019: My youngin’s heartless so they ain’t playin’ no games We really want ‘em dead, he got hit up close range He f----- up in the […]

Polo G – Die A Legend (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Polo G Release date: June 7, 2019 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Tracklist: 1. Lost Files 2. Dyin Breed 3. Through da Storm 4. Effortless 5. Pop Out 6. Battle Cry 7. […]

Polo G – A King’s Nightmare Lyrics

A King’s Nightmare by Polo G Spittin’ verses, I’m desperate, I need a mansion and a coupe You done signed over your life and now you slavin’ in the booth […]

Polo G - Last Strike Lyrics

Polo G – Last Strike Lyrics

Last Strike by Polo G Gave you one hundred strikes, you was askin’ for it and your wish was granted Felt like you would jeopardize what I had goin’, n----, […]

Polo G – Chosen 1 Lyrics

Chosen 1 by Polo G You broke that bond, now when it come to you, my feelings weak You let your selfish ways come in between our chemistry Why you […]

Polo G - Picture This Lyrics

Polo G – Picture This Lyrics

Picture This by Polo G Ain’t give a f--- about nothin’, in the slums takin’ risks Remember we was starvin’, we was lurkin’ for a lick Now I’m on my […]

Polo G – Finer Things Lyrics

Finer Things by Polo G Yeah I know You be posted up from Sunday to Saturday night Starting hanging with the members then you blew a few pipes And you […]

Polo G – BST Lyrics

BST by Polo G Blood, sweat, and tears what I shed, sleepless nights in my bed They only love when you shining, I won’t let it get to my head […]

Polo G – Pop Out Lyrics

Pop Out by Polo G JD On Tha Track Iceberg want a bag, b---- We pop out at your party, I’m with the gang And it’s gon’ be a robbery, […]

Polo G – Effortless Lyrics

Effortless by Polo G Sonic Talk slick, he a dead man Shots from the FN sprayin’ These days, they don’t give a f--- They’ll shoot where the kids playin’ Judge […]

Polo G – Dyin Breed Lyrics

Dyin Breed by Polo G Real n----- is a dyin’ breed, but I’m still maintaining Made it out the hood, I still pop out on some gang s--- My day […]

Polo G – Lost Files Lyrics

Lost Files by Polo G Everything was all good way back in the day Then whole hood really went wild Long live the gang, man, the whole hood missin’ them […]

Polo G – Pop Out Again Lyrics

Pop Out Again by Polo G [Polo G] We pop out at your party, I’m with the gang And it’s gon’ be a robbery, so tuck ya chain I’m a […]