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Category: Pouya

Pouya – 50 Reasons Why Lyrics

50 Reasons Why By Pouya Ayy, Spock, you slid on this ho This one’s fire On loudest, hahaha B----, I’m from Miami so you know I keep the heat In […]

Pouya – Cyanide Lyrics

Cyanide by Pouya (With Ghostemane) Cut my neck, the blood fresh Got a check, still depressed Been a mess, f--- stress What next? Take a guess Cyanide on my breath, […]


BULLETPROOF SHOWER CAP by Pouya (With City Morgue) MTM, hit em with the heat! Mula! B----, I’m spittin’ side to side Turn this s--- to genocide Draco like it’s Soulja […]

Pouya – Run It Down Lyrics

Run It Down by Pouya (With Rocci) But it’s like this, though. I’m tired of folks, you know I’m sayin’. Them close minded folks, you know I’m sayin’, like we […]

Pouya – Florida Thang Lyrics

Florida Thang by Pouya Back then you was holdin’ my gun These days you the one I gotta run away from You a heartbreaker, my lil’ Florida thang Got me […]

Pouya – Settle Down Lyrics

Settle Down by Pouya (With Midnight Rush) Settle down, my darling, I’ll be fine What is love? Does love ever die? Settle down, my darling, I’ll be fine What is […]

Pouya – Mood Swing Misery Lyrics

Mood Swing Misery by Pouya (With Rocci) Drowning in my misery, up to my neck with memories I don’t feel like remembering I feel like I’m not growing at all […]

Pouya – 95 Lyrics

95 by Pouya You must be tired, baby, ’cause you’ve been runnin’ through my mind I can’t keep quiet, baby, ’cause I’ve been burnin’ deep inside I’m runnin’ out of […]

Pouya – I’m Alive Lyrics

I’m Alive by Pouya My life is a rollercoaster of emotions Home is with you, when without you I feel like I’m homeless, hopeless Don’t miss out on my love […]